A massive missed opportunity

…if MicroSobo doesn’t include an Achievement in the 40th Anniversary Update for obvious reasons. :laughing:

It goes something like this:

“That’s the Spirit, kid!” - 90G - ‘Make a non-stop flight from Roosevelt Airfield in New York, USA to Aéroport Le Bourget in Paris, France using the Spirit of St. Loius and no Assists.’

EDIT: Roosevelt apparently doesn’t exist anymore, and is now a shopping mall (typical :roll_eyes:) so…I guess it’ll have to be Long Island MacArthur (ISP).

EDIT #2: ISP is in fact present in the Sim. So, we’re good.

There’s no way they don’t include this and I’d be blow away if they don’t.

I’m more inclined to believe that the title you have chosen for this topic more accurately reflects the future. Good idea though. More achievements would be fun.

They should fix the broken Achievements before they add new ones.

They should add new ones because they aren’t going to fix the broken ones IMO.

I have an achievement for Asobo: make at least a WU or SU without wiping out bush trips progress :slight_smile:


It’s peculiar that WUs reset Bush Trips but not Landing Challenges. I wonder why.

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