A New Concorde Teaser Trailer

Turn up your volume :wink:


Ready with vapors and such ? Oh boy,i can’t wait !!
@DEAN01973 has done it again !


Looks really good! If the flight model works as well as the plane and effects look this is going to be a day 1 purchase

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Will this have a custom fuel loader and Pax loader? Or will it be done through MSFS? If it is done through MSFS can we please get guidance on it as the MSFS loader can mess things up quite badly.

It will be done through MSFS, but I have not got that far yet - interactive points are all on the list though.


Thanks for answering and I cant wait, Finally some long haul action and at speed!

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Does that also mean that fuel management won’t be as complex as other (previous) Concorde addons?

It depends on how you want to use Concorde. My version has 138 lines, 28 junctions, 34 valves and 36 pumps. If you start cold and dark, you’ll have to manage them, but if you start on a runway, they will be set up for you ready to go. We’re trying to make it as interesting to operate as possible for those that want high detail, while also making sure those who want something simpler ( the vast majority ) aren’t overwhelmed.


Frankly, well, the sound is almost up to that :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If they could trigger car alarm sounds too… now that would be very immersive


Awesome! Great to read

Day one buy for me!

Very nice rumble and sweet vapes!

Looking great! :+1:

Is there some sort of copilot or engineer to help automate some of the tasks?

At least with regard to the complex fuel system balancing required by the real plane, here’s what Dean wrote in the most recent Facebook update 3 days ago:

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Gotcha! Thanks!

I assume that this will not be released on Xbox until the coding issues are sorted. Unfortunately.

We’re not using WASM gauges for Concorde, so there will be no delays.

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Good stuff. Hopefully the testing by Asobo goes according to plan, when it’s released to them. This jet deserves as wide an audience as possible as it looks incredible.