A new Weather "model" needs to be used

What exactly is the problem with weather? Many parts of EU, I am not even talking about Scandinavia have sub 0 degrees, in fact even snow, like in Madrid.

I appreciate the fact that Madrid is pleasant but they have snow.

I have no idea how much money you spent to have the weather data fed in to you sim but you have been completely screwed.

It does not work and it is not particularly complicated. You advertised snow is coming to MSFS 2020 but in places where there has been snow for a while, I dont see it in the game.

In fact the weather is often clear blue skys.

Weather is just as important as the flight models of the planes.

You bought a service, a partnership as you point it out, it works at random.

I understand this is not a perfect world, but this is just getting silly now in terms of weather with this sim.

This does not seem to be a high priority issue, instead you spent resources on VR! 11 percent of users in the Navigraph survey use VR, so you spent all this time and resources for 11 percent of the userbase?

The direction of this sim is becoming more and more confusing.


I wouldn’t be so quick to point the finger at the weather provider. It you look at Meteoblue’s web site, you’ll find their weather and conditions for whatever area you want to look at is as accurate as can be expected of any weather service. More often than not, there are discrepancies in what Meteoblue is reporting and what’s in the sim.

How Asobo choose to implement that data is likely the problem, much like the horrible implementation of Live Traffic they currently have in the sim. FlightAware is amazing, but due to data manipulation and filtering on Asobo’s side, it typically shows us 20% or less of actual traffic in the air at any time. That’s when it’s even generating any live traffic at all.

I suspect it’s the a similar case with the weather system. It’s the combination of erroneous manipulation of the weather data and time delay before it gets streamed to the client that’s at fault vs the source data.


I’d be content if the weather system just worked correctly as advertised so we didn’t only get weather on our first flight then had to reboot the sim, or use the now well-known workaround.


It’s going through ongoing improvements and investigations. Devs are fully aware of it


I actually find the weather for me to be extraordinarily accurate, when it works…When its not working which is after every 1st flight its obvious totally wrong but when i follow my flightplan on Windy im always surprised how accurate it is.

Meteoblue needs to go. Not impressed at all.


There are definitely better services, but weather services are what they are. Like I said in a previous post, I think it’s more of a case of how Asobo manipulate and filter that data before feeding it to us with a significant delay that causes issues.

Now, the location of snow on the ground, I totally blame Asobo. Meteoblue’s data seems pretty accurate. What’s in sim isn’t what we see in the real world.

I’ve been doing a lot of checking of weather and METAR data for where I’m flying. I’m also looking at my local conditions when flying out of my home airport. Typically, wind (at least at ground level), temperature and pressure seem spot on. Cloud and precipitation are close, but typically with a delay of anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. This last part is really inconsistent. And we’ve had snow on the ground here since just after xmas, and it’s still summer in the sim.


It’s spotty for me, but there are some troublesome areas that never seem to have it right- particularly in the Midwestern US.

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Yeah Meteoblu sucks.

Today, the same thing happened.

Tried the new Justsim Vantaa in Finland and it is high summer, first start…it is snowing at Helsinki airport, why cant the system at least pick up overcast?

Fired up REX, a love and hate relationship for me, and guess what? It is snowing, snow on the ground, and temps are correct. Winds I have not checked but they are were not standard winds 225/3.

Are there server issues? I dont understand. A model can be wrong, no problem with that, but it can not be that I have clear skies, no snow but correct winds when using default weather.

Something is either feeding it wrong or the weather function is not working.

When live traffic works and shows up on the map, weather works, that is how it is on my computer, 100 percent ratio. If tI select Heathrow and see no live traffic, weather does not work for me.

I think there are issues for sure. I have it where my first flight always works weather-wise, and all flights following are clear skies until the reboot. The other day i saw flights on the GPS for the first time in so long i actually forgot that they showed up there, reminding me that live traffic has not worked for me in quite some time.

I’ve put the sim down until the next update to see if its fixed. Funnily enough the game was at its most stable and consistent for me on release, its degraded since in regards to weather and traffic.