A New Year and new problems!

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So up to a few days ago MSFS was running like a dream ( and may I add for some weeks now ). As of a few days ago, no weather and performance issues. I have gone from anything between 60 and 100 fps down to 18 to 25 fps and stuttering, and just now CTD. I have not had CTD’s for ages. I have not added anything or removed anything from my addons. Are the servers down or playing up ?.
What’s up doc ???

I believe it was a server issue. I had the same with a low bandwidth error message.

Just seen they done some updates on the server side

I thought there might be some thing up with the servers, but I had to ask the question. Let’s hope they fix it soon.

There was an issue with Live Weather not working that also impacted some users with performace. The Live Weather issue has been fixed.

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