A pause button that stops everything?

Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a button that is like active pause in that it stops the plane but one that will stop everything ie weather, animals etc. Would just make taking photos a bit easier.

Yes it’s possible.
Under keyboard options. You have to assign a pause key. There isn’t any in the default setting.

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There is a full pause, but you have to assign the keyboard shortcuts manually (one to pause, a different one to unpause - don’t ask why).
The commands are in the MISCELLANEOUS section (SET PAUSE OFF and SET PAUSE ON).

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Press PAUSE |BREAK or better
Windows key + SHIFT +S

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Ok great thanks everyone!

I don’t seem to have a set pause on and off setting to change. At least not that I can see.

In the menu on the left, be sure to change the filter from ASSIGNED to ALL. Then it is under MISCELLANEOUS.

Need to change the setting on the left that says show assigned to show all

Take note that at this time NONE of the three available pause option will pause the time. Even when you use ESC to go to the main menu the click will tick on. Something to be aware off. Still, the pause option mentioned above or ESC should be the only option used: Active pause will screw up your flight one day or another…