A question for Alpha/beta testers

Hi, Can I ask anyone who tested prerelease

Did any of you have the Saitek / Logitech Panels, Did they work? (I’m guessing not, but I’ll be thorough)

Did anyone if they didn’t work raise the issue, and let them know there was a problem?
Was there a response about it?

for anyone from
@msfs @asobo If so did you then communicate this issue with Logitech?

It just seems a big thing to miss for probably the most widely available retail consumer peripherals
(without going to the high-end specialist stuff)

just trying to figure out the “Why & How” of it all …so maybe people can learn from it


I have to be very careful what I say under the NDA…Long story short…I used the updated version of Spad.next…they worked fine.


have a look here…


Thanks for the reply @WobblyDuck3467

Fully understand about everyone holding true to NDA’s etc

It just seemed that Logitech weren’t even aware (maybe just the people I communicated with at Logi ) of the issue.