A Question of Fidelity

When recording my MSFS VR sessions from the headset (using OBS) the image quality always looks amazing - and its the same for the YouTubers - their sims always look spot on.

But what do folks actualy experience through the headset? For me it doesnt seem as good as the recording. Dont get me wrong - still looks remarkable but just not quite like it looks when playing back the recording.

Differences for me include shimmers along the edge of flight deck surfaces and a not-quite-as-sharp look to the overall experience.

Is this just the headset not being able to render the image as delivered?

Also, some YouTubers report buttery smooth, no-stutter flights. I would say mine are pretty smooth but there are definitely micro stutters sometimes - especially at lower altitudes - and when I look out the side windows where the motion is faster.

All your points are legitimate. We have been waiting for a very long time now, for the developers of this game to up their own game and deliver!

However I regret to note it appears way down on the “must do” list if the (lack of) comments of the last Dev Q and A are anything to go by.

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