A request to the moderators

I refer to the seeming increasingly prevalent instances of posts being flagged on these forums.

It is extremely frustrating to many of us that seemingly innocuous posts or threads are locked or hidden when their only crime would appear to be being critical of the game. I can understand a need to take a grip of things when threads become derailed due to arguments developing between individuals becoming personal however taking draconian pre-emptive action is only seen as an infringement of freedom of speech.

I would agree that there is rapidly developing an environment of “them and us” on these forums. Those who have legitimate concerns that want to talk about them, and others who seem to have no problems. I have no problem with the latter however what I do take issue with are those that decide because they don’t have the issue discussed then those that do are either lying or else in some way a lesser human being.

I think much could be gained by publishing a clear set of guidelines of what is and what is not acceptable in forum posts. Clearly hate speech should never be condoned however please don’t censor people with legitimate axes to grind. It seems that Microsoft and Asobo want (or at least should need) valid feedback on their product yet don’t appear to want to hear about it on this forum.

We all want a better product, even the cynics and doom mongers. Appearing to attempt to silence them is not the way to win them back. Please give posters a bit more latitude, otherwise you risk driving many of us elsewhere.


You cannot overlook that the moderation here is extremely tolerant of criticism. Had this been a steam forum half the threads would be locked.

Flagging seems an odd way of handling drama but it works You can still read the flagged post if you want. You can also infer that the tone of your message was not right. Like in real life you will often not realize how things you say are too aggressive for other people, even if you do have a point and maybe we should pay more attention to that.


I’m finding the sim a joy (on Xbox) but I have no reason to believe that those who do not are being insincere with their feedback.

I do feel that some of the legitimate critique drifts into divisive snark and bashing the newly added platform and ‘players’ (on any platform) who play casually and therefore ‘aren’t doing it properly’.

Isn’t it the forum members who can flag posts? Isn’t that what’s happening? :thinking:


Your evidence for this speculation is? :thinking:

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I didn’t have a single posts flagged since I pay attention to tone, and I don’t write praise most of the time. You just don’t want to come off as arrogant or rude.

There’s always 2 ways to say the same thing. Don’t raise your voice, don’t stamp your foot, don’t make fists and wave your arms and you have a much higher chance that people listen to what you actually say. That’s why for example capital letters are not allowed in the internet as a whole.

P.S. (please don’t flag this one to make a point) :rofl:

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I would hope the moderators do look out for people abusing the system, because certainly such people exist. The best way would be to look at statistics how many posts a user flags, wether he targets the same users on purpose and how much it differs from the expectation value.

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To be honest , I think we could actually do with a bit more moderating and flagging of threads / posts .

Especially the weekly ( nearly daily) threads such as ; " it’s a game not a sim " ; " it’s a casual Xbox game " ; " it’s not as good as X - Plane " etc , etc, etc .

In my opinion , these threads / persons who create these threads are borderline trolling / are trolls .


I posted the same suggestion about a month ago and it was taken down. I think the moderators do a GREAT job but I want to see the whole discussion not just what they deem appropriate. For me FS2020 is working fine. I have had some ups and downs mainly with my peripherals. Most of that has been fixed. SU6 so far has been running smoothly. FWIW


I agree, I have had posts deleted or removed for various reasons & to be honest you can’t really vent your feelings here unless its in a “Positive” manner towards the sim. You can mention moderators in a kind way but any critiscism is immediately deleted with a warning notice. Its a bit like Cherry picking good reviews for a website, get rid of anything that goes against how you wish to be seen. Failing that then remarks are removed for other reasons such as “They may cause offense” or hurt somebody’s feelings or religion.
Well, do you know what, that’s life, get over it and stop being so politically correct that it becomes tiresome.


Criticism is not moderated or deleted. Just take a look at the forum right now. There are dozens of threads open and active full of people complaining and criticizing and what have you.

Rude and or trollish posts are flagged. Threads are locked when people start calling each other names.

There are plenty of other forums where you can vent to your hearts content if you want to be more, shall we say, salty.

The official forums run by the company that makes a game are bound to enforce the rules and at least try and make this community a friendly place. If it gets overrun with grumpy people with an axe to grind, soon that’s all that will be left because other people do not want to interact in that atmosphere.

I think the mods do a decent job in the circumstances, and the pattern of the forums blowing up after every update is well established. It’ll calm down in a week.


I think you may want to reread your post…purple vs people???

Wow, what a typo! Thanks, friend.

Wrong, define rude?
I said that somebody at ASOBO should “fall on their sword” that was my exact quote, its medieval English and means to resign or leave. The post was deleted immediately with a warning about being rude, offensive or that some religions might be offended.

The forum is overrun with “Grumpy people with an axe to grind”, what, these are people who pay good money and as such are entitled to their opinion, your opinion is that WE don’t want these kind of people as we all want to be happy but, THAT is YOUR opinion and I guess that’s what counts?

I think you have to accept that the world is NOT just made up of friendly people and do gooders (thankfully) & you have to take the rough with the smoothe, if you only want the yes men then thats known as communism!!

This post will most probably be removed as I have made the same comment again about swords and falling on them?

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Literally 0% of those people complain about Xbox users “doing it wrong”. We don’t care about what you do or how you do it.

Literally 100% of those people complain about an Xbox release that merged two platforms. We have since had UI issues, and a drastic decrease in visual fidelity, (SOME of which was fixed today, but far from SU4 fidelity). One year ago we paid for a PC game that released for PC’s, and a year later we have to deal with a worse visual experience because they didn’t want to separate the two platforms.

A lot of people spent good money last year on computers 3 times as powerful as a new Xbox for the best visual experience.

Like I said, some of these issues are slowly getting a fixed, but we are far from what we had before.


California-based tech company
Freedom of speech

Good joke.

Moderation could not be more tolerant with criticism, I have not seen a single post be flagged without a valid reason, you cannot allow forums to become the paradise of toxic players or you end up closing.

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You make completely absurd posts like this and can’t understand why your posts get flagged? The lack of self awareness is incredible.

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We have this. It’s called the Code of Conduct which you accept to follow once you sign up to the forum.

A small explanation of the procedures:

Posts/topics are flagged by users on the forum in which moderators review. If that post/topic violates the CoC in any way, the flag will be accepted; otherwise ignored. If there is doubt it will be discussed between the moderators.

Discussing of moderation is prohibited on the public forum. If you have any questions as to why your post/topic was flagged, please send a private message to @moderators