A simulator that not simulate! Or..?

First off, im not making this post to talk down the sim, in fact ive had some real fun in it! Keep it coming Microsoft/asobo.
Im not the most hardcore simmer out there, but i love to learn, i want every action i do impact my flight, but right now i feel the sim dosnt give me that.
INOP buttons, fms, failures, lack of functionality in general.
Why can`t we get a choice? A dead on sim, or a simulator with basics. That way the true simmers get what they want, and the less experienced have an easy option.
Yes i know it is alot of work, but it should be doable? Am i talking rubbish? Idk… Just my thoughts right now. Be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to modders and 3`rd party devolopers we have more realistic planes, plugins, scenery, liveries and much more. The work they do is just amazing :smiley: Both freeware and payware.

Hava a nice flight!

Great comment
But keep into consideration that if the airplanes were more precise or more realistic then there’s no point to have third party developers to make the planes more realistic and if everything was perfect in the sim then there’s will be reason for plugins and fixes from third party developers.

Read my most hated post in the Beta Archives “Aboso MSFS 4 sim Attempt” Yes i spelled it wrong then “Asobo is the correct way now”.

Surely, MS can afford to improve at least their default plane offerings. Or at least I hope! It’d be nice for people new to the genre to feel how these planes really work and eventually going off to buy 3rd party options that arent included in theirs.

I’ve been having fun studying the C152, C172, and the C208 B Grand Caravan though, and by studying I mean going over their POHs to get optimal numbers for all the variables in all the phases of flight! I actually had to go over how turboprops work to fully understand some of the things I was reading.

It’d be a shame if these models in game arent accurate!

That said, I’m still having a blast with this sim!

No problem, there are tons of other aircraft types not provided in the stock sim which need to be taken care of.
What you are saying is essentially a waste of development time. Why having MS/Asobo wasting their time on a half-baked A320 or B747 at all, when Aerosoft and PMDG will provide their way more detailed A320 and B747 anyway?

The thing is that there’s too many aircrafts and too many airports. It’s more quantity > quality. I was fine with 10 aircrafts and every capital having an airport and then some smaller cities/airports as well.