A tale

Some time during development…
(all characters and incidents portrayed in this post are fictitious)

Guy A at Asobo:
Hey, if we only rely on bing maps for airfield creation, we won’t get hundreds and probably thousands of airports into the sim.

Guy B at Asobo:
Well what do you suggest?

A: Shouldn’t we take a look on all the published destinations, like FSX did back then?

B: Well I am already fed up with the 37000 I did so far, I really am not in the mood to add 3000 more.

A: But there are even airports of global importance missing and bush flyers suffer especially, because bing maps ■■■■ if distant to population centers.

B: No, we’ll just give them overwhelming new graphics, so they have no time to realize this. Most of the people will anyway just fly overhead their nearest city to enjoy the view. Now stop bothering me

A: Good day Sir, I think we have a huge problem. At least several hundred airports are missing, bush flyers will have a hard time and even international hubs are missing.

Development Lead: shrugs

sadly i think you’re not far off

maybe a “well they can just fly from/to somewhere else” in there also

Well, every region around the world that I flew had tons of little bush strips all over the place. Even ones on tiny islands like Bora-Bora. I think it’s more ones that are restricted from Bing that are the problem, so they’ll have to add them another way when they do the regional updates/upgrades they talked about.

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Well, to be very frank: I am absolutely fine with this with a “version 1.0”! How many people really care about some random missing dirt strips out there in the bush on day one?

Yes, for our German neighbours in the not so distant north it is a bit harsh that they are lacking their beloved Stuttgart airport (but then again, the Germans also lack street view and in general are “pixel lovers”, so they probably get what they asked for duck and cover… ;)).

And the Swabia can always start from Zurich airport, so what :slight_smile:

But for the rest of us: we just received the entire world in all its beauty! If that ain’t a thing already…