A thought regarding marketplace sales

There seams to be a negative stigma around buying products from the in-game marketplace - vs - direct from 3rd party sales. As if there’s a price-gouging or “greed” thing going on.

However…when I bought my eleventh add-on and realized I’ve spent way more $ on add-ons than the base sim, it hit me just how UNDER-priced MSFS actually is. I’d personally pay $500 dollars or more for MSFS, because I fly IRL, I use it as a training aid (comms, briefing and de-briefing), and am also a LONG-time sim-junkie. But there’s a large, new segment of their market that wouldn’t, and MS has to balance this.

I say good for MSFS if they earn a nickel off in-game sales, as that’s probably the ONLY way they’re able to bring us the sim for less than $500 a pop.


Easy solution…. gift a copy of the deluxe edition to 3 friends. Assuming they have the PC to handle it. Or an Xbox.

But yes I agree with you. Compared to the price of addons that add a tiny little thing extra, the base cost is a ridiculously cheap offer. It helps me justify spending extra thousands on addons that I often rarely use.

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Very rarely does price come up in the Marketplace discussions.

The main points are

  1. The product is always available much sooner elsewhere

  2. You get instant access to updates versus waiting weeks / months for it to get updated in MP

The common theme in allot of posts is “When is it coming to MP?”


The game is most likely largely funded through marketplace purchases and certainly will need to be in the longer term, I think this is clear from the amount of marketplace spending.

I have no problem with the cut that MS takes on marketplace. Unlike with other regular app stores that take about the same cut but deliver nothing extra, this money is directly funding the improvements to the base sim.


Me neither. Microsoft and Asobo are fundamentally, businesses. Sure Microsoft is a billion trillion dollar company, so what, they should just offer everything for free? I’m glad MSFS is making money, it means we get to keep using it.

I’ll say, the ATR was the first addon I’ve ever bought on the marketplace and it was one of the smoothest buying experiences ever. That’s from my experience anyway. Two things I’d like to see, a receipt for purchase and faster updates to addons, as well as the ability to review, not just meaningless ratings. If something’s 3 star, I want to see why.


Yup that’s just as I see it and exactly why I’m happy to wait a little for the marketplace release (where I can) … 7 weeks waiting for the wilga was really difficult but I’m glad I stuck it out


There’s a Wishlist topic for that that you can add your voice to:

And this, too:


Thanks for that, voice added.



Stuff is released weeks to months later on the maketplace vs purchase from the dev or other resellers. And when there are bugs in marketplace products - sometimes serious ones - again we wait weeks to months longer when the fix is already available from the dev directly or resellers. This is by far the #1 reason people on PC will buy outside the marketplace.

Other reasons PC users go to 3rd parties:

  • marketplace provides no receipt for items purchased, only virtual currency

  • poor customer support via Zendesk - if a purchase fails (mostly a Steam issue), it can take a rather ridiculous amount of time for the issue to get sorted. 3rd parties will typically have it sorted within a couple of hours

  • 3rd party planes from the marketplace are DLC locked and can’t be modded.

  • 3rd party airports from the marketplace are DLC locked and external applications like Little NavMap, Pilot2ATC and others can’t read the airport data, so you have incorrect runway and taxiways, parking spots, frequencies, etc in said apps.

It has nothing to do with price. Generally speaking, stuff costs about the same from the marketplace vs buying from the dev. Some devs may charge a bit more in the marketplace to somewhat make up for the cut MS take, but that price difference is usually negligible.

The only complaint I ever see about price in the marketplace is from broke folks on Xbox who have no access to 3rd party stores, but look at MSFS add-ons with the Pokémon “gotta have them all” attitude and need to buy absolutely every add-on. And they expect MS to sell it at a price that matches THEIR budget vs what it’s actually worth.

In any case, these are the reasons why I no longer buy from the Marketplace outside of marketplace exclusive content I may want. If these issues ever get addressed FULLY, I’d actually prefer buy from a single source, as it makes keeping things updated far easier.

But for the time being, I’m speaking with my wallet. Once we see non-crippled add-ons released in a timely manner, get an actual receipt for what we bought, and get good support, I might reconsider.


That’s a little harsh on people who may be struggling to make ends meet and see xbox as a way of accessing the sim at an affordable price.

Personally I don’t worry about this as I always use a credit card and so have protection that way and (tbh) the cost of an add-on for me isn’t prohibitive if there turns out to be an issue

Personally not had any purchase problems that have needed Zendesk, but others clearly have

Again, personal view, but this doesn’t worry me - I’m not that interested in modding stuff I buy as keeping track of what I’ve bought is hard enough without adding mods on top :slight_smile:

And again, not an issue that concerns me

But I understand these are my views only, and others will have different experiences and views.

I’ve bought a lot of add ons from the marketplace and elsewhere. To the point where I have a spreadsheet to keep track of where I bought things, where to go for updates, what versions etc. The one place where I don’t have to do that? The marketplace, which does make it very very easy to keep on top of stuff I’ve bought there.

The delays involved are really the only thing that will push me away from the marketplace these days (other than for add ons that don’t get sold there like FlightControlReplay and FS Realistic etc.) Everything else, I default to the marketplace unless I’m really desparate to have something…


It’s an honest appraisal. Perhaps harsh, but honest. What financial hardships folks are encountering in real life may be unfortunate. But bottom line is they’re broke, regardless of the cause.

And from what I can tell, the biggest complaints I’ve seen about pricing comes from kids on Xbox who need to have every single add-on that comes out. That’s a common mindset in the gaming community, particularly consoles. It’s like a badge of honour or something to own everything, whether you use it or not. It’s like poor people who go broke(r) buying jewelery and designer clothes to show off to others. If they want to waste their limited money on that in MSFS, I won’t tell them otherwise. However, the attitude of entitlement that prices are too high because THEY can’t afford it is ridiculous.

I’d love a brand new fully decked-out Tesla Model X. But that’s out of my price range. I’m not whining on Tesla forums and social media that Tesla should lower their prices to match my budget. That’s essentially what the small number of folks complaining about marketplace pricing are doing.

As for the other points, they don’t affect you. That’s fine. They don’t affect everyone. But for those that care about those - I’d wager not an insignificant number of simmers - that’s a deterrent from using the store.


You get a receipt when you pay with Paypal.

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For the transaction of flightsim credits, not the item.


Regardless of how you pay or whether you buy on Steam or the MS Store, you get a receipt for having bought “Flight Sim Credits”, a virtual currency, which is then consumed by the marketplace for the item. There is no user visible record of transaction for the item you actually bought. You only get a receipt for the virtual currency.


I made three marketplace purchases about a year ago had so many goes to get each one that I wondered why I had bothered. So for over a year I have used payware addons and free ones. Flightsim.to are my go to for both. I dipped my toe into the marketplace water the other day. I wanted to give the ATR a go. I forgot my password and used the option to get a code :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Guess what ……. I’m still waiting. Marketplace is not worth it for a lot of people and what a shame it is. How much revenue are they missing. Or are they getting so much anyway that us folk who have problems just don’t matter.

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I’m not sure that’s an accurate view of console users. Again, it paints the picture that only kids, causal simmers and the practically destitute should invest in MSFS on Xbox. The console really is subject to a lot of negativity in these forums.

It’s a great platform for people (like me) who don’t know the first thing about computers, and are easily confused by them.

The Xbox MSFS experience undoubtedly offers better value-for-money, all things considered. A PC capable of running the sim at Xbox level is 4 times the price — however the sim on that PC ain’t 4 times better…

The Xbox’s biggest problem is not a lack of ability, but its lack of flexibility due to its ‘closed-room’ functionality.

My post had nothing to do with denigrating Xbox simmers nor the platform itself. Xbox is a perfectly valid platform for MSFS now that suitable peripherals are available. Even though I don’t own one, I’ve been very supportive of Xbox as a platform for the sim. It lowers the bar of entry significantly and expands the reach of the hobby to all. It’s a good thing. We wouldn’t have the crazy amount of 3rd party add-ons we currently have available for both platforms if MSFS had remained a niche PC only “dad hobby” as it had traditionally been. In the long run, we’re all winners because it’s available on Xbox.

I’m referring to the subset of gamer kids who adhere to that “gotta have em all” culture that’s pervasive in gaming these days with DLCs and add-ons. That group also exists on PC, but tends to be larger on consoles due to the more accessible price of the platform. And it’s mostly younger crowd who don’t have much disposable income or are buying on mom’s credit card.

To be honest it’s been a long time since I played regular games so I’ve no idea if that mentality exists among kids today. I like to treat myself to a couple of add-ons each week but I won’t impulse-buy, and I won’t collect stuff just for the sake of it.

For me, building the sim with third-party add-ons is what makes the authenticity. Looking at what I have now, it’s quite a far cry from the base sim I purchased two months ago!

However when you look at the fundamental idea of such a realistic sim, the end-game is kinda to be able to fly into every airport on the planet and witness/experience an astonishing level of detail and authenticity. So I guess the urge to keep buying stuff we don’t need or really want is ultimately in us all. I know it’s in me — I’m just mature and sensible enough to resist!


I use both Xbox and pc, started on Xbox, decided my pc was capable enough so put it on there as well.
I use the marketplace for probably 70-80% of my purchases, largely as I wonder how Microsoft could continue to support the product without the marketplace.
Perhaps we have a lot to thank the Xbox exclusive flyers for as they have to spend solely in the marketplace, thus perhaps making the sim sufficiently profitable for Microsoft to continue supporting it. The free world updates they could comfortably charge for and don’t.
Yes, there are some niggles with the marketplace, for me personally the lack of a user manual for an aircraft. They have put out 6 videos for the ATR 72 though. Excellent.
The lack of a user guide/maps for the Okavango Delta was mildly annoying.

That’s precisely it. Buy add-ons for areas where you fly regularly to increase your immersion. Buy planes you know you’re going to fly and enjoy. In summer (when my plane doesn’t ice up), I do a lot of GA flying around my area near CYGK and into eastern Canada. I’ve got every available pay and freeware airport and scenery for those areas. In winter, I fly around SoCal and Florida / Keys. I have every payware and freeware enhancement for those areas as well, as it enhances my experience.

It’s the reason for all the skins packs, useless DLC that adds little to nothing to games, etc that we see in most online games these days. It’s quite literally like I described in my other post about poor people going broke buying jewelery and designer clothes to impress people. If you’re in these games and you don’t have the latest and greatest $30 skin pack, you’re a poor scrub and looked down upon. It’s very much a thing on PC as well, just more prevalent on console because that’s a more affordable platform.

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