A Triumph of Hype over Content?

Sure, the graphics are great (ish)…

But it is a shame that the basics of releasing an application haven’t been implemented - that would have just been good manners!

Y’know, like making sure that the AP works in the A320, like ironing out the bugs that make the game regularly crash to the desktop. A profile for the CH flightsim yoke - one of the most popular in the known universe - would have been a basic addition. I’ve only scratched the surface of this over a few hours. Goodness knows how many other bugs further use will reveal.

In reality, another six months of development would have been better than releasing a beta version, masquerading as the finished article.

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And a profile for the Microsoft Force Feedback 2 Joystick…

My 20 years old FF2 is still working like brand new and it is still in use by many people around, none withstanding it would have been expected Microsoft includes presets for their own branded joysticks in their own games?

I think those who are patient will be happy, but I agree… it is buggy. Very buggy. I have had lots of issues! When it works, it seems to work well… looks good. But the depth is not there, and the stability severely lacks. This is 2020, it should not have been released like this. Reminds me so much of FSX.

You can create your own profile for the FF2. It will take you less than 10 minutes, and you’ll have the buttons just the way you want them. For the record I have 2 of these sticks.

At first I was annoyed myself, until I figured it out. Super easy. Go to controls, select the FF2 at the top, and on the left hand pane, click the menu arrow so that it says “ALL”. It’s on “ASSIGNED” by default. You want “ALL”. Then simply look up the controls you want and assign them to the buttons on the stick by their number. All the Axis assignments are there as well as the hat switch assignments.

Thank you for the advise, this is what I had to do in the end.

You’re annoyed because your 20 year old joystick didn’t take up development time? I’m annoyed that my typewriter doesn’t have a USB connection.


Let me assure you I’m not annoyed at all, it just took me a few minutes configuring the FF2, certainly much less than the time you’d take to solder a USB plug in your typewriter and code the firmware and driver for it.


In the defense of the FF2, even at 20 years old, these sticks kick ■■■. They are built like tanks, and are still sought after. You can pry the two that I have from my cold dead fingers. There is no active force feedback in MSFS 2020, but the sticks are still very usable. The motors act as a spring, just as any other flight stick does.

I suppose it will only be a matter of time before someone makes a force feedback file or plug-in for these sticks, just like they did for x-plane.