👋 A warm welcome to all Xbox simmers

One, if I understood you right and the sim is still downloading stuff, let that run it’s course first.
If everything is finished downloading, you should be able to change liveries in the hangar in the profile menu.
Some liveries are distributed through the content manager.
I am not sure if your desired liveries are part if the pack though. Something with licensing…

Ok thanks. But it won’t let me add livery such as Ryan air or easy jet. It’s only the standard one such as Boeing or airbus

Is there a photo mode available on the Xbox version? I can’t seem to find any

That’s what I meant,
License issues. They cannot just slap company liveries on the planes without their consent. These are registered trade marks.

Are there any possibilities to fly in multiplayer system like IVAO or VATSIM in the future with Xbox series?

What I read is that this will come in the future. But not now, I’m afraid. The Xbox is a much more closed environment than PC. I hope that users realize this.

Multiplayer flying is, of course, possible, right out of the (X)box

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I’m really looking forward to playing this on Xbox as my PC just isn’t powerful enough to play properly! A new Xbox is a fraction of the price of a new pc which gives you the same quality. With many peripherals working on both pc and Xbox it should be amazing!

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Looking forward to your first post about your flight! Please let us know!

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Ok thanks for the help. So you recommend to just wait it out and keep restarting Xbox if I notice more crashing ?

Well. Just let the installer do it’s work first. I don’t think that the crashes are during this process?
When that is done, restart to be on the safe side.
Then check and try the hints I posted above!

Everything is installed now so I’ll give it another try later. Thanks for your help mate!

Just want to get you flying asap mate!

I know mate. I want to so bad. Think I played it last night for 3 ish hours and crashed about 8 times !

Owww. I’m sorry to hear… was that also while you were installing stuff?
Please don’t do this in the future anymore. I really hope that your installation isn’t corrupted now… but let’s not think about the worst scenario first. Keep on trying! And let me know how it went.
You could also try a GA plane, like the C172 without all the bells and whistles of the big boys…

Yes whilst installing but I left it overnight to install everything so it’s all ready to play ( I hope) and I hope it’s not damaged anything.

I just presumed you could still play whilst it was installing in the background.

Lesson learnt haha! Hope this stops the crashing.

When it caused the crashing, I am afraid that you’ll have to try to repair the installation and otherwise reinstall the whole shebang. That surely sounds like a lesson learned :grimacing:

We’ll see I guess. If that’s the case I’ll just download it all over night

Someone please put 50p in the Azure Edge CDN. I’m getting downloads speeds of 4 Mbps…

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Are you running wired or wifi? Could it be wifi interruption?

Wired with solid 60 Mbps. This is purely a server load issue (happened on past big releases).

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