👋 A warm welcome to all Xbox simmers

Yes it is, everybody wants the same at the same time. I have 200/200 and got 0.37 at the lowest. Went to sleep. Next day Boom! Flying :slight_smile:

Xbox SX: Once you get past the install fiasco, the game is amazing!

Only gripe is, the cost of add ons! There is no way i will pay £22.49 for a Spitfire. I appreciate that the makers may have spent months creating it but, wow way too expensive.


Agree i will not pay that either

Perhaps this is pricing that is normal to a PC audience, but it’s far from ‘typical microtransactions’ on Xbox. Maybe the lure of bulk sales will push the price down in time. :thinking:

So far the game is great!!! I spent all evening going to the training scenarios. I was a little bummed about there only being two take off and landing scenarios for airliners. Maybe I’m missing something I was pretty tired at that point lol. I hope there’s more because they’re a lot more complex than a Cessna :blush:


Thanks for posting! I guess that’s what it is for the airliners. These two were added recently, so who knows if there will be more coming. There are plenty of tutorials available on youtube though. That’s a good second best.

Maybe you’re right and (other?) vendors will step jnto this new market and start selling for a more Xbox compatible price. Flight simming always has been an expensive hobby, especially for the realism aspiring enthusiast.

and this is one of the cheaper ones.
but you get a much better aircraft with a more realistic flight model.

I had the same reaction, this sim is magic, thats why its disheartening to read all the hate towards xbox users because we are not “real simmers” or we are just “xbox kids”. Im a grown man with loans and mortgages. And because i cant afford a $3000 gaming rig im not a “real simmer” if i could i would get all that equipment, trust me. But thanks for the warm welcome from you at least. Every day is a race to get home and sim now lol


I agree. I don’t like this US - them thinking at all. We are all together in this. We are all enjoying this earth in our own way. Like I said to my wife today: some like to start a very complex 787 cold and dark, work their way through all the checklists and procedures. Others like to take their 787 up in the sky as quickly as possible to fly upside down across Manhattan. As long as we all enjoy ourselves, why not?
There are topics where pilots exchange their views on the accuracy (or lack of it) of the sim there also are topics where everyone talks with everyone. I would hope that there’s no looking down upon anybody, except from an airliner to a GA airplane, but that’s another matter :wink:


I have never been in a cockpit in real life. Ive only had the chance to have a quick look inside a commercial airliner cockpit from the door once. But I have watched so many videos of real commercial airline pilots flying in this sim on youtube that ive picked up a lot more than i realized. I found myself recognizing some of the buttons and dials and what they do, my gf was impressed although she is sick and tired of me talking about this sim🤣 I love doing all the checklists and slowly getting the plane going, and i really hope to actually learn something from this. Im not here to create more controversy or split this community, i want to be a part of it, i dont want to be looked at as just a casual xbox kid just because the xbox was the only way for me to get to enjoy the sim. I hope we can all can come together and find common ground in the one thing we all have in common, the love for this sim.

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That’s one of the great things that Flight Simulation is all about. Some pilots even use these sims to stay current on their aircraft.

I really like your enthusiasm and mindset! There’s loads of information to be found here. F.ex. Take a look at the terrific flying lessons section on the Cessna 152 here:

These are great to get started!


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And. Are you out of troubles?

Wow. Thanks man, this is great, bookmarked it and i will definitely look into this in the weekend. Can’t wait for the weekend to start so i can sit down and really dive deep onto the simulator. Its so busy with work and family i haven’t really had the time to really get under the hood of this sim. You seem like a genuinely good dude and you really made me feel welcome and i thank you for that, i hope these problems get fixed quick so everyone can get back to their hobby and love of flight.

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22 for the spit is more than reasonable, I’ve bought planes in dcs that cost upwards of 80 euros, the problem with opening up to xbox is that there will be a lot of assetflips appearing in the market place charging 10-20 euros for a p*ss poor flight model with a asset store plane model, its already happening I’ve seen the a10, this will devalue the sim as a whole due to new users not being able to spot the differentiate between a poorly implemented plane from a 3rd rate cash grabber dev and a flaw in teh core engine, genuine works of art that fully justify their price will end up not coming to the market place and thus not being available to the xbox community, its easy to downvote something because you think it too expensive trying to pressure the dev in to dropping his price, many of these dev teams are small groups that do not have the luxury of being backed by carenado or orbix and have to hold down real world employment as well as work on their passion.

I doubt many xbox users will even contemplate the crj 700 even thought is probably the most complete and accurate plane so far for ms fs…


Well I for one would get the CRJ but it’s not available for us. I did see a 737 max but did some research and it’s not very good at all so will give that a miss. I would like the FBW a320 to make its way to Xbox but there’s not much info on wether that will happen

Well this is what happens to all console ports from PC, we get half ■■■■■ ports.

Granted, MSFS is a superb achievement, but it is still far behind the PC version.

Really? How many hours did you fly, and whereabouts?
What are the reasons that you come to this conclusion?

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This one’s a great resource too

Anyone know what the 1.9gb update is,i just got it