👋 A warm welcome to all Xbox simmers

Not sure, maybe this?

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XBox folk!

Again, welcome. One thing. Pricing in flight sims is far more than your typical DLCs, may as well get comfortable with it if you want quality. That’s just the way it works. High quality aircraft takes years to develop for a fairly small niche of users, so the expenditures have to be recouped. A lot of these cats go above and beyond with things like modeling an exact aircraft in real life, such as with PMDG’s DC-6. It’s $60, but the amount of knowledge you gain and the enjoyment you can get out of it is well worth it. You will start seeing $100 aircraft soon. Don’t lose the plot. If you don’t care about high-fidelity simulation, it’s not for you anyway. If you do, this is money WELL-SPENT! It’s less than you’d pay for a dinner for 2 at a half-way decent restaurant.


I get that, this is not me trying to devalue their hard work, but considering all the new potential customers with the xbox release, i think they could just as easily make the same or even more money by pricing it lower as it would sell more. Pricing a single aircraft at $100 will surely scare most people away unless they have a lot of extra money to spend. I feel like i have to make it really clear that im not trying to say its not worth the price, im really new to this sim although i did download the pc version on release, my pc just couldn’t give me a decent experience so i decided to wait for the xbox release, based on that i really would have no idea if a plane is worth its price or not since im so new to this.

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Honestly? It SHOULD scare them. $100 aircraft isn’t a joke to learn if they don’t really want to commit to learning. And the price of support is what counts here. Someone like PMDG who provide STELLAR individual support to their clients… That’s labour. It costs money. If everyone with an XBox starts submitting support tickets to PMDG about “my map does show up” when they haven’t aligned the aircraft’s navigation systems… think about how much time it will take them to respond to those.

A support ticket is a support ticket, are you saying pc users dont do what you described in your example?

Oh absolutely they do! Which is why in SOME companies’ case, it’s actually NOT the best move to have TOO many buyers. :wink: It calls for either expansion of workforce or a decreased quality of support. Nothing to do with XBox vs PC. Just simple economics from someone who runs two businesses.

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New Xbox patch today:

Where are the patch notes? What did it do? Also the fps in cockpit view seems to be worse now to me.

Please stop posting same thing in multiple threads. Go and find the official post for the Hotfix discussion. There are notes pinned to the top.

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Ok sorry my bad, I’ve seen you around the forum so i wasn’t sure. You’re probably right, i see the logic in your points. But its still a bit sour for me i guess :rofl:

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I hate to say this, as i love the xbox version so far but i have never played the pc version and there will always be a divide.

I feel the PC version is always going to be better for true FS hardcore players. Most Xbox players will not buy a flight stick, throttle and peddles etc. I also feel that hardly any console players are going to pay the prices required for new planes etc. Add-ons for a game should never cost more than the actual game in my opinion.

If the console players get into this flight sim, then maybe they will move onto a PC. Yes it is great that we now have this fantastic sim on our consoles. I have watched a lot of videos on this sim and the console version is way behind the PC version and always will be.

No worries, mate! I am just trying to provide a bit of perspective. I always try to think in the “other guy’s shoes”… There is a reason for Ferrari. It’s not for everyone. But if you are fortunate enough to own one, you know the difference. Can Ferrari say “let’s expand and cater to Chevrolet customers now”? Yeah, they can. Will that be smart? Not particularly. :wink: That would change the ENTIRE workflow.

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There is nothing in those hotfix notes for the xbox patch released today.

there are a few aircraft around the 20 dollar range that are quite good too, so no panic.
i do advise tho to always lookup reviews before you buy anything, there is rubbish stuff
have fun flying

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I mean, I agree! It’s why I’d never consider simming on a console. I am not a big fan of them to begin with, I owned both PS3 and PS4 and hardly touched. But even stuff like Oblivion and Fallout was better on PC. I am pretty old-school when it comes to that. Add-ons for a game should never cost more than the game? Agreed. YES, you can argue that a sim is still a game, but it’s NOT. It’s a lot more involved should you CHOOSE to make it so. Once it’s not a game and instead a high-fidelity simulation that provides training for operations and procedures? That whole argument of “DLC” goes out the window. It’s now a training platform. No, not an exclusive one, but can certainly be used to train for certain aspects of real aircraft operations.

Ugh. You’re gonna make me do the work, aren’t ya? :wink: HERE!
Release Notes for Hotfix Version - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

i am pretty sure there will becoming a host of aircraft for around 10 to 15 dollar on xbox,
think carenado…if i was them i would do that asap.

The other thing to consider is: Cost!

The Xbox SX vs PC that can run this “sim” on max settings? How much does an ninja PC cost that will run this sim?

I don’t know… I mean, I bought my current laptop last year and it was what… $1300-1400? I run MSFS on Ultra in 1080p with 60 FPS right now… so not too far away.

The more i play it the more and more i love it,i can’t seem to stay off it for more than 20mins.

THAT is the feeling we all had when we first flew this. I am so happy you guys are able to experience this now! As you get deeper, you will find issues, and many will be resolved. It’s still a great platform.

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