A way to yell "clear prop" before starting so workers move out of the way

When performing the before starting engine checklist, your pilot should be able to yell “clear prop!” and have the airport workers move out of the way. (Best possible scenario, any workers facing your aircraft should get out of the way as soon as your beacon turns on. Then, those who aren’t looking at you should move when the pilot yells “clear prop!”)

As it is, in situations like the below screenshot where MSFS puts you right in front of a bunch of people on the ramp, it’s almost senseless to tick the “Propeller area” checklist item when there’s nothing you can do to actually do it.

just roleplay it and yell “clear prop”


My yelling it at the monitor doesn’t get those ramp workers in the screenshot out of the way.


I just taxi right thru 'em. Forklifts too. They’re amazingly resilient. :smiley:


You should yell “Run!!” instead. Much more fun IRL :wink:


I’ve run over so many of these poor folks I’ve lost count. They’re all over the place and don’t care to watch for moving planes.

Yelling clear prop in a closed cockpit and/or bigger aircraft doesn’t make much sense.

To warn people about the imminent engine start, you simply turn on the rotating beacon IRL.


I wish my local airport had these guys standing around so when I yell clear prop IRL, there’s someone there who’s listening. lol


IRL, in a small GA aircraft, you do yell “clear prop”. We’re not all flying 747s in FS2020.


Maybe you do. I’m using the beacon.

I doubt that anybody could hear you yelling from e.g. a PC-12 cockpit.

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And the beacon is on the checklist, too.
But yelling “clear” or “clear prop” is what they teach you in flight school. It’s in of the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook.
So, you do you.


It you want to do things which make zero sense, it’s up to you of course.

The FAA airplane flying handbook is applicable for which type of aircraft?

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Those guys aren’t anywhere near close.

All of them. It’s not the “Airplanes Under 12,500 Pounds Flying Handbook”. Perhaps you never made it to chapter 15?

AS PIC you always must ensure you are safely operating the aircraft. And you do WHAT EVER it takes to make that happen. And if you are not on a SIDA style ramp where everyone has gone through rigorous safety training, you definitely can’t assume people around you know what a beacon means at all. Your Insurance certainly WON’T be on your side in that case.


Correct. In fact, I’ve never read a single page.
Can’t imagine anyone yelling ‘clear prop’ in a L-188 or AN22…

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Of all the issues in the sim, THIS is what youre concerned about?

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I just start humming Harlem Nocturne as I begin taxiing :oncoming_automobile:

I’m going to start leaning out my window and yelling “Clear prop!”.

The neighbors already think I’m a nut anyway. Should cut down on any remaining desire to converse on their part.


Well that sounds like a personal problem.


No, there are many issues with the sim that I’m concerned about and I’ve logged tons of defects off the forum.

But thanks for criticizing my choices. I thought this was supposed to be a respectful community and everyone’s getting on my case for publicizing a wishlist item.

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