A week has passed. When will the bugfix be released?

It’s already been a week since the patch ruined the AP of 320!

What is ASOBO doing?

When is this ■■■■ AP going to bugfix?

ASOBO is ruining this great game every patch.

How long do we have to wait?

I bought RTX3080 a week ago.

And what I saw with 3080 was the A320 with the broken AP crashing into the terrain of a good graphic.


There’s been no official word that a bug hotfix is in the works or scheduled, unless I missed something somewhere.

Unless something changes, expect the fix in the next patch in 3 weeks at the earliest.

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MS-Asobo has moved to a 30-day cycle per the November Dev Q&A. The next update is 12/22 based upon the Development Roadmap.


I think hotfix is necessary.

I think it’s wrong to wait until December 22th for this bug.

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What we think and what Asobo have planned are 2 different things and don’t necessarily overlap.

The AP bug is affecting all planes, but the A320 is hit the worst, it would seem. I don’t do airliners, so it’s not as pressing for me personally. But I can understand for those that do fly them (sometimes exclusively) that this is a big deal, and a fix really should be issued.

Maybe they’ll release a hotfix before then that fixes all the 3rd party planes they broke and it will contain an AP fix as well. No one knows for sure except the folks at Microsobo, and they aren’t sharing that info with us it seems.


Asobo helped get a hotfix into the latest A32NX dev build. FBW is working on porting it to stable. I’m flying now and it seems to be working.


why not fly one of the other aircraft htere is more in the sim than just a A320

This really is a good sign for the future. There is no doubt the way the sim is to move forward is by cooperation like this.

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Well all the planes are affected, by the 1min to do the last 30 degree in a turn using the AP. It’s a bad tweak in the lateral PID, globally or for each aircraft.

Really hope, we will see a hotfix this week, that’s what all major video game editor are doing.

Credit to ASOBO for working with the amazing Devs over at FBW.

Now please, please, please release the updates for 3rd party planes that have been submitted weeks ago.

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So there’s the answer. The next update is in 3 weeks. That’s when we get the fix.

Yes and in addition to that, Asobo, please do everything needed for a pre christmas release of the Aerosoft CRJ :wink:

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