A Wish for the Kodiak

I’m about as happy as any could be with the new Kodiak, but there’s one thing that nags at my brain - the empty cup holder! Yes, I know it means issuing a re-worked model file, which is much more work that most would imagine. But if there was a textured beverage can that appeared when the cup holder was deployed, I’d be the first one to grab that update. And imagine the possibilities of different wrap-around textures that could be thrown in - from someone’s favorite soda to… well… you can let your imagination take it from there! :wink:

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You need your expresso with you? :grin:

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An IDEAL drink Holder for a plane ?


It crossed my mind:) I figured someone on Flightsimto might be on it but i guess not.

To be honest, i stopped flying the Kodiak and reverted back to my beloved A32NX hence the CTDs became unbearable whenever Aerosoft Simple Traffic is activated.

When i remove Simple Traffic from community folder, all is roses and butterflies.

Wow not that is a perfect cup-holder for airplanes! No smoothie or Coca Cola ever again spilled all over the cockpit and the radio panel in the middle of a tropical storm while a crocodile with rabies comes crawling through the freight compartment towards the cockpit.

That should also work great on Motorcycles. Hang one on each side to the handlebars. One fro you and another for your passenger :slight_smile:

or perhaps…

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 7.21.06 AM

I was thinking a little more “adult” in nature - possibly amber in color with not too much hops!

Keep your turns coordinated and you’ll be fine!

You can get them for most larger bikes like Goldwings or Electra Glides!