A220-300 project

The “C-Series” is totally on my wishlist. Was so disappointed to see Aerosoft working on the CRJ instead and hyped to see your progress on the A220!
Keep up the good work and I hope that Asobo improves the support for small third party developers, especially for the aircraft systems!


Wow, can’t wait for you to publish it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Awesome! Would love to fly some Swiss C-… A220


Love this. Definelty woul love to be part of this project and help test.

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Great! Don’t hesitate to join the discord and say that are willing to help!

Little update:

Circuit breaker and cockpit cabin:

FMS coming along:

PFD on its way:

We are looking for programmers to help with the systems! Don’t hesitate to join our discord!


These are all awesome!

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This is very exciting. I’ve wanted an A220 for a long time. I’ve joined your Discord (a platform that I still don’t totally understand tbh). I sadly have zero programming or modelling skills to offer, but I’d be more than happy to do some rigorous testing for you and/or showcase it on my (bijou!) YouTube channel.


Why so disappointed? We have no regional jets and 3 different airliners so they should be focusing on the CRJ. Just fly the NEO for now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey ! I’m the core msfs dev of the project, i recently made an export of the aircraft

I’ll link the pictures later


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A220?! The right name is CS arrrgh chewbacca sounds




+1 I look forward to this!

I’d definitely love to see it in the simulator. Air France is also replacing its a318 and a319 fleet to a220s.

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Ohhh can’t wait, when can we expect it and are you already making it for msfs?

OMG awesome! I’ve had this on my wishlist since MSFS came out in August and even before that. With this level of detail in the scenery it is amazing to make short hops to/from regional and international airports as well. Can’t wait. When do you expect to release (also with the current state of the SDK?) the aircraft? Q1 2021 (or later)?

When will this come out? Will it be free?

Awesome! That will be fun to fly. However forgive the slight perceived pessimism, but where are you getting source materiel, when many payware devs have commented new aircraft dont have data and source material released to them for years after.
If you do have access, that is simply fantastic. Just hope the systems will be of high fidelity. More power to you!