A310 CF6 Engine / Throttle response too slow / sluggish

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The Engine performance does not match real life reference. CF6 engines should be more responsive in the mid range (50 - 80% N1). These engine in game takes forever to spool up in these ranges. Here’s a real life video reference of how CF6 on an A310 respond in the said RPM range: A310 cockpit view landing at Madeira | Funchal - YouTube

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Make sure Auto Throttle is inactive off
Advance the throttle until you achieve steady 55% N1 rpm.
Quickly advance the throttle to about 70-80%.
Engines take about 6 seconds to spool up to the target rpm… (Watch the real video and see how fast the real thing does it)

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Using Logitech Throttle with reactivity set to 100 percent and linear response.

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