A310: Saitek Multipanel

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I have a question regarding the Saitek Multipanel not working on the new A310 on MSFS:

  • Flaps and AP on/off seem to connect to the plane, but when I want to switch altitude, V/S or change to NAV, it doesn’t seem to connect to the plane. I have to use the mouse to do all that, which is not very exiting. Do I use SpadNext to solve that? Or does anyone have a solution?

I have the same issue in the Cessna 414, btw.

Thank you.

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I do encounter the exact same behavior, unfortunately. As you write it is not limited to the A310 but frustrating anyway.

Interested in an Answer to this one too

The A310 likely uses custom events and vars for the autopilot (like the C414). The Logi pa El is hard programmed to send the standard SimConnect events.

There’s no way to use your hardware with it without using Spad with a custom profile for those planes.

Some planes are using their own variables for Cockpit functions, not the ones from MSFS Options.

You will need a software like Axis and Ohs, Spad Next or similar to get peripherals working.

I use Axis and Ohs for everything, I don’t bother much with the MSFS Options. The fact alone that the software recognizes the aircraft and loads my special profile for it is worth it alone to me. Plus i can use my MIDI Equipment for the flight sim and create gauges for the second screen and use some FMCs on my phone and so on and so forth.

great software.

It’s a bit nerdy fiddling though. If you want plug and play, this is nothing for you.

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