A310 Simbrief MCU Import Not Fixed

Continuing the discussion from Beta Update Release Notes (Nov. 22, 2022) :

For me not fixed. Doesn’t now get stuck on ‘Pending’ but flashes pending and then back to SIMBRIEF but without importing a plan. The inibuild export tool works ok with my simbrief id, as does simbrief file downloader, so lots of workarounds but curious to see if it’s fixed for others now.

Made the flight from KBOS to KJFK tonight. Import was fine and performance was excellent. Definitely smoother than either Fenix or PMDG on my system.

On a short flight with not much fuel the plane is a rocket.

Did you have the issue with being stuck on ‘Pending’ before, as I think that this was what this issue was meant to fix?

I have noticed the same issue with the PENDING* quick flashing and not importing the flight plan. Now for some odd reason, I cannot even download the flight plan via IniManager, like I was able to before the latest beta update (1.29.30) was applied. Mentioned the issue on IniBuild’s Discord so we’ll see if there is a reply there, but I am too tired to reboot my PC until tomorrow and check, even though I close out of the sim and loaded back in after the beta update release.


Same problem, but in addition to this, using iniManager or SimBrief Downloader import stopped working. The To/From airports populate but nothing in between. I’ve also reported this on ini’s forums.

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Same problem.

Same issues. Quick flashing of pending and no import. Earlier the PENDING was getting stuck forever.

Not working for me.

No. Simbrief import was fine. Weird.

In this beta the iniManager flight plan export seems to be broken as well now. As a workaround until the next patch I’m using the Simbrief file downloader utility (from the Simbrief site) with an entry for ‘iniBuilds Flightplan’ set to this:


(Replace username with your own on Windows. You’ll need to create the flightplans empty directory first in there).

For Steam MSFS users I think it’s something like this:

C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\microsoft-aircraft-a310-300\work\flightplans

If a file exists in that directory and you put a orig/dest pair in INIT A then it should show it and allow the plan to be inserted.

I go to ACARS Menu item and request Simbrief. Easy, painless and works.

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Was not working for me with my Simbrief number in the A310 MCDU. Now i put my simbrief name and everything ik OK

Hey y’all :]
I have a question for everyone it´s not working for. Has it ever worked for you? Or is it permantnely stuck on Pending in the old versions and just resetting in this version?

For me it has never worked. Initially always stuck on pending and on latest version just flashes pending. It’s never imported a plan via the MCU ACARS way. My simbrief alias works in iniConfig, plus tried others that work for others e.g ells128 etc.

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Just got into the 310. Input my SimBrief username, requested import from SimBrief and it loaded up without a problem.

Did you have the “PENDING” issue before or did it always work for you?
The allegedly fixed issue was affecting only some users, so some never had issues with it.

Sorry, could not tell you. This is literally the first attempt at importing from SimBrief in the 310.

It works for some and not for others it seems. Before it used to hang on a ‘Pending’ and now with the latest beta version it just flashes ‘Pending’ and doesn’t load a plan. If it always worked for you then this bug report probably isn’t super interesting, like most bugs people don’t get on their set ups and can’t recreate.

All my other aircraft import simbrief ok, and a raw call of https://www.simbrief.com/api/xml.fetcher.php?username=fearlessfrog works fine on the same PC as well. It’s either the A310 or the Microsoft service they use to call it. There are workarounds (not using the MCU etc), but still curious what’s going on.

When I import it does flash ‘Pending’ for just a fraction of a second then loads. Have tried it 3 more times with no issues.

yeah same problem here - other aircraft import no problem so I have no idea what’s happening