A320 Airliner Training Takeoff - nothing happens

In the takeoff tutorial for the A320, after the instructor is done with her introduction telling me that I have to takeoff as soon as she gives the sign, she just remains quiet and nothing happens. If I try to takeoff I get a failed notice, and if I wait I could wait until the fuel runs out.

Am I missing something?

Same happens to me. I also tried without any addons. But the same bug persists.

Just found the solution. You have to turn on the objectives menu. There it shows you that you need to press certain key commands to check the MCDU etc. This is really stupid for anyone who is using the sim without any aids. The instructor should also promt the user to check the MCDU etc. Or the objectives menu should be enabled on default for the tutorial.


I’ll check this out. I figured it had something to do with the objectives, but I couldn’t enable that window during the tutorial since that was all greyed out. So I’ll have to enable it first in a regular flight prior to loading the tutorial.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Even with the objectives list on-screen, the lesson is pooched. I haven’t changed the key allocations on the keyboard, yet the objective to look at the PFD requires a press of the “4” key and nothing happens - both pressing the 4 key and/or looking at the PFD. Very frustrating.

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