A320: Any way to show DME of VOR?

Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to find a way to get the DME displayed of a set VOR in the A320.
Is there any way to do that?


Enable VOR on glareshield?

Yeah but where is the distance (DME) shown to the VOR then? Until now, it has never shown it to me.

Same issue here. No DME reading and, to make things worse, the option to enter a navaid, waypoint, airport or runway on the BRG/DIST box on Progress Page (a true life saver IRL whenever not receiving signal from a conventional radioaid or when flying a circling or visual app) is not working either.

I searching the same, so no DME distance to VOR in A320 visible on displays ?
realy ?

Am I understand correct that VOR navigation (with precision) is not possible then on A320?

This is too much asking for default plane?


Yes, you are understanding that correctly. Apparently, from Microsoft’s / Asobo’s perspective, it’s too much to ask.

I hope that the A32NX project will fix this issue.


and i thought i did something wrong. its really a bummer they cut this important navigation aid.

Only DME indication missing?
For me it doesn’t even show a bearing on the ND, neither for VOR/DME nor NDB. :exploding_head:

When i toggle those VOR/ADF switches, the little arrow symbols appear on the bottom left and right of the ND but thats about it.


This is what it looks like in the real world … If MS doesn’t fix that, FS2020 doesn’t deserve the word simulator …
This is fundamental information for the pilot!
Unfortunately, A320NX couldn’t fix that yet, but one can hope so :wink:


It´s under Pull requests and “Ready to Test” :smiley:

It’s not only on the A320 but on all 3 airliners, also B747 and B787.
VOR1 and VOR2 are not shown correctly, frequency only with one digit after point, DME information completely missing, bearing needles only partly shown (VOR1 mode, but not in ARC mode). This is the case when frequencies are correctly entered in RAD/NAV page and VOR1/2 selected on glareshield.

In B787 I can even not find a way to select VOR1/2 mode instead of FMS.

Manual navigation with VOR’s is therefore almost impossible in the airliners (which is not the case in some of the smaller airplanes, so the basics are there in the sim).

Such basic stuff was even available in all aircraft of FS98 and in the flight school of that Sim they even trained you how to use it.

J avou ne pas avoir de DME en approche VOR va pas nous facilité ,sa serait bien que ca soit vite rectifier.

Loaded yesterday the update 1.9.3 and hoped for improvement of nav issues on airliners.

Very sorry to see that display of nav aids in the 3 airliners is still not good, nothing has changed (see above postings).

Issue seems to be low on the priority list.

Flybywiresim has fixed this in their mod!

But the FS2020 is so bugfull, it will be a century generation fixing compilation party to solve all the problems, i hope i will see a smooth functionable sim in my short life :pleading_face:

To be honest I don’t thing they will solve all the issues/missing parts.
This Sim we are all waiting and expecting to have someting nice but at the end I am realy frustrated and stop played.
every time waiting for the next patch/update but basic problems are not even solved (crashes/bugs) and not even thinking about “simulation” part.

Je ne pense pas qu’il vont résoudre tous les problèmes.
Tout le monde attendait ce jeux pour avoir un beau simulateur. mais au final c’est plus une frustration qu’autre chose. j’ai arreté de joue depuis que les crash sont apparue pour moi.

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Same for me to, can get them to pop up as each arrow designation under the rose, but they never show on the rose or do anything.