A320 AP Altitude Issues

I seem to have an issue with the AP system taking a long time to climb to the selected altitude, putting it in V/S mode helps but then is unable to climb again if required after reaching the selected altitude. Not using V/S takes an age to reach cruising altitude and ATC are constantly reminding me to expedite my climb.

I’ve also experienced some strange oscillation, which is a first.

Nothing has been changed and I know the AP system in the Airbus isn’t the best, but I found on my last flight it’s practically unusable, unless I’m doing something wrong? But that would be surprising, since I have many hours since launch with the A320.

Thanks for any feedback or help.

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I’m going to hazard a guess this is flying in the US/Canada? Given the recent weather it’s going to be icing related, the default 320 doesn’t cope well with icing conditions even with all the anti-ice equipment turned on.

If this is the case your options are either install the FBW A32NX mod, turn off Live Weather, or find somewhere warmer to fly for now.

No, this wasn’t a flight in the US/Canada. But I will explore other suggestions you made. Thanks.

I, too, would recommend the FBW mod, in particular the CustomFBW version.
It doesn’t suffer from too many of the default ASOBO issues.

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I have a question about altitude as well. I have the FBW A32NX mod and on Autopilot I’ll set the altitude and pull the Altitude knob toward me for selected altitude mode. The aircraft will climb but about 1000 feet short of the selected altitude. ATC will not stop bothering me about being below my assigned altitude. If I pull the knob again it will go into OP Climb for about a second and settle at the same altitude about 1000 ft below.

I’ve set the QNH to the pressure given by ATC, and I’ve tried setting it to STD as well but no dice. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong of if it’s just a bug.

I set the Pitot/Window Heat and Wing Anti-Ice on as well which doesn’t help. I also have my airspeed indicator that stops working at higher altitudes (goes to 0) even with pitot heat enabled but that’s another topic :sweat:

What type of the mod are you using, Stable, Development, or CustomFBW?

I’ve noticed in the last few days that the CFBW (which is the only version I use) that it was somewhat similar in behaviour.

I’m using the default aircraft, as the topic sub-forum indicates. No mod.


I’m using the Development FBW A32NX

I believe you are getting the icing bug.
If so, turning on the anti-ice won’t help.
To confirm it, (I’m not kidding) fly upside down.
If the airplane climbs OK while inverted, that is the issue.

Although my issue may be slightly similar, it is nowhere as severe.
There are also no posts here for the mod with similar issues, same as their website.
Do you have any other mods in the Community folder?

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Just some liveries, I can try removing them to see if it resolves my issues.
Thanks! I was wondering if this was normal behavior but it looks like it might be specific to me.

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