A320 AP not working - An Observation and possible clue

I’ve been having AP problems on and off since the most recent patch. Today while taking off from LOWI I noted an interesting observation.

The AP in the 320 was not working at all on takeoff again, after a successful flight from Gibraltar. I also noticed that there were no other players in the area, when it was rammed when I landed a little earlier.

While fighting with the aircraft for AP to take control, suddenly players started popping in, and then at the same time, the AP sprang to life.

Now, I don’t understand any possible correlation between the two events. But it is probably worth mentioning for anybody that is experiencing similar problems.

Interesting… this seems to be a similar issue with the quantum entanglement phenomenon that’s happened in previous patches. That time it was caused by AI traffic doing stuff in their cockpits that directly affects yours. So if the AI is switching off AP, it’ll switch off your Autopilot too.

I thought the devs had fixed this issue in the last month’s patch.

See if you can do the same thing we all did with this issue. Switch your graphics settings to use Generic model for AI and Multiplayer. See if it makes a difference.

I set mine to not use generic models though, so I’m not sure why I’m no longer getting that issue.

What I do know is that sometimes livery creators build their aircraft.cfg the wrong way. Most of them set the liveries to use the same model and cockpit for AI traffic, which will not only drops significant FPS, but also resulting in this quantum entanglement issue.

Every time I find a new livery that I like I always have to “correct” those configs appropriately, to make sure AI traffic don’t get full model and cockpit.

With the experience I had, the AP kicked in when live, human players loaded in, not live traffic.

Doesn’t matter, they both use either Generic model or live model each for AI traffic and Multiplayer traffic…

But now when you mentioned it… I’ve been flying in Live mode with multiplayer on all the time… And I’ve never seen a single human players in the sim. I can see them when I select ALL players and not on Live mode. But as soon as I choose Live mode. None of the human players are around.

Do people not use Live mode at all?

I’ve always seen plenty of people about in Live mode. But for some reason since the patch,occasionally, there seems to be a significant delay between starting the sim and players loading in.

I only noticed what I noticed because I was heading nose down towards LOWI, about to ditch when other players loaded in and AP came to life. It may well be a coincidence, but the two events happened at exactly the same moment.