A320 banks left/right when 50ft above the runway

Not sure if this is just me, but during approach and especially when about 20-50ft above the runway, I lose control of the aircraft. It seems to not respond or very slowly/barely respond to my joystick inputs, and when I’m trying to flare the aircraft, it suddenly banks left and does not respond to my bank right inputs.
Anyone else?


It’s not you, it’s a bug that a lot of people encounter

And the rudder is not working correctly, that doesn’t help

Yes this happens to me also and it drives me crazy. It makes it impossible to accurately and smoothly land. Just before you get into the flare the a320 starts rocking its wings and stuffs up a great approch every single time.

Please Microsoft. Fix this


from my own experience, there is a bug that causes it to roll to the left, however the bug is exacerbated by the effective MAC % at the time being a bit far forward, and the height you cut the throttles to back to 0%.

a good MAC % seams to be ~25% (±0.5%) or ~25.25% with fuel and >24.2% before fuel

and resisting the urge to close the throttle’s too soon i.e. too high, so you fly beyond the height that the roll bug tends to happen and cut the throttles <20ft, i.e. closer to the 5ft retard GPWS callout.

Please fix this bug!
I go an a 2 hour flight. Only for it to be totally wreaked at the end.
Ive been trying to make a youtube vid of a flight with a nice landing. The nice landing is impossible. It as if you get hit by a 50knot crosswind when on short final and have really bad dipping wings as if one side of the wing stalls.
How could it be released like that and called a working game?

And someone else had to come out with updates for the a320 before microsoft could make things work right

What really confuses me. Is they say this has been tested and pretty much endorsed by real pilots.
I can say that no real pilot would get in an aircraft that was as bugged out and as hard to control as this sim.

Please fix this bug.
If you have to put out an update every day. Please do.

Agreed. I did an ENTIRE re-install of the new update and it still happens…
This hasn’t even shown up on their list of known issues. So BS.

I just posted on here about this same exact issue last night. Last night, I flew a relatively short flight between KSFO and KLAS using the default A320neo (with no mods). The entire flight went flawlessly until just before touchdown when I experienced a violent, uncontrollable roll to the right. I tried to counter with left aileron, but it was ineffective and I ended up landing lopsided in the grass to the right of runway 26L. However, I re-attempted the same flight earlier today and my landing was very smooth and straight on centerline, a drastic improvement from yesterday. Also, disclaimer, all variables were the exact same between both flights. I used the same runways, time of day, and weather (skies and winds).

After finishing that flight, I randomly decided to do three test circuit landings around KCVG (due to the runway layout). What I can suggest is to approach around 140-145 knots. Try your best to be straight and level for the most part and DON’T idle the engines until the “retard” call out just before touchdown. All of my three practice landings at KCVG went really well when trying this method. It seems that approaching a bit faster helps lessen the severity of the roll. I can definitely say, I have noticed that in the past when my rolls were noticeable, I was coming in slow and idling my engines too soon. It takes some practice, and I’ll keep trying to see if it continues, but it’s all about speed and timing. Hope this helps!

One last thing, it does seem that before the recent patch, the roll bug had disappeared. Unfortunately, it seems to have returned with this patch.

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I just completed a flight from KLAS to KCVG using the default A320neo with no mods. Once again, I tried my technique of maintaining 140 knots on approach. At 20 feet, I flared and at the “retard” call out, I brought the engines to idle. As a result, I experienced no roll or bank and my landing was once again smooth and straight on centerline. Now, different than my other recent landings, this one had a mild, 90 degree direct crosswind to factor in. Like I said, a near perfect landing.

So in conclusion, I’m offering a technique that has seemed to work for me when landing the A320neo since the patch. All it may take is practicing a slightly different landing technique, but hopefully practice will make perfect, which seems to be the case for me at least. Hope this helps you all experiencing this common and frustrating bug.


Same trouble happened with me at london heathrow yesterday. I was in the LOC mode and stabilised, but below 1000 feet, the plane starting banking to the left, then right and then left, leaving me completely off the runway. If I hadn’t go around the plane was all set to land on the grass.
Something wrong with the ILS or the autopilot.

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Just tried your approach on the Sydney landing challenge which is what I use to practice. No luck. I was at 160kts and the airplane would still lose sensitivity around flare before retarding the throttles. :frowning: I don’t know what to do anymore

If you get hit by a 50kts crosswind, then you are beyond the crosswind limits of the A320 and should have done a go-around IRL or gone to your alternate if it persists.

Off the top of my head the pure crosswind limits are <38kts including any gust component, or 33kts gusting 38kts demonstrated, anything grater than that you are in wing strike territory, for example crosswind of 29kts gusting 43kts has caused wing strikes IRL with A320, and IRL if you were to knowingly try and land with a 50kts near pure crosswind gust component, you would probably be sanctioned by your airline and sent for retaining and or demoted, else sacked. (note emphasis on knowingly - as ATC do make mistakes and wind can change very fast and there can be rouge gusts)

Sorry to hear my technique didn’t work for you. For some reason, all of my landings yesterday (some actual flights and some practice) were fine and I had no roll issues unlike the day before. It really is strange how everybody’s experience with the same aircraft is different.

Same issue here. I need to test if it has anything to do with live weather. Very frustrating to lose control at the end of your flight.

you need to be coming in pretty much exactly level for this to not occur

Relieved to hear it’s not just me. Agree that if you come in EXACTLY level you shouldn’t get any wing roll but what I do experience in addition is nose pitch forward right above the runway threshold. I have now gotten used to inputting some nose up pull back to counteract this every time so I can land pretty smooth but this really shouldn’t be happening (I’m not aware this is representative of any real-life behaviour of the aircraft). I assume the nose pitch and the wing roll problems are related to the same bug. Everyone should submit a bug report BTW so they know its affecting multiple users.

It really makes challenging cross-wind landings impossible. You’ll fight with the crosswind all the way down to the runway and then just before you can straighten up and put your wheels on the ground this bug will give you a whole new set of deltas to solve that you just cannot be prepared for. Its really taking all the fun out of the A320, which is otherwise my favourite airplane in the game so far.

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I have the same problem with the cessna citation cj4,King Air and longitude.Short before final and take off.During landing challenge kjac the a/c works fine.Autopilot without function.787 during takeoff no elevator function.tested with different speeds and flap settings and a lot off more issues.A lot of work for the msfs-team.

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Found a fix that lessens the effects. This is apparently also the recommended flare technique for the a320 in practice. Maintain your approach descent rate and throttles in CLB until 30 feet. Then retard the throttle and flare. Sometimes the airplane will still roll but you don’t deviate as much since you have less height above the runway. My landings have greatly improved

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Or you can put ELAC1 and ELAC2 OFF and no banks effect on landing but don’t forget that the trim is become manual after !