A320 Bug with radio panel hardware (non-functional from cold and dark)

I wanted to see if anyone was having issues with the a320 and radio panel hardware?
I am running a PropWash Simulations PWS155 Stack and I am getting no display, no knob functionality - the only thing working is the XFER freq button on the hardware, which shows in the atc panel in MSFS but not on the display in the a320 itself.

Just trying to see if it’s a hardware problem on my end or just a simple not yet implemented issue with the plane. Let me know what you guys see. Thanks!

Hi @FlipperJeans470 is this issue with the base A320 or the FBW version only?

I did some more testing tonight…it’s the same in both the FBW mod and the default a320. Here is the bug:

If you start cold & dark you will get no displays on the panel hardware LCD.
If you start on runway (all systems running) then the hardware works perfectly.

So it’s a bug in the core sim. I’ll have to see if it happens with any other aircraft from cold and dark. Gonna hit a zendesk report up.

Perfect thanks for the title change, that was going to be my next point. Best of luck with your issue.

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Same exact problem, but with the Logitech Radio Panel. Spawning on the runway, the Radio Panel illuminates, but only the XPDR will be functional. The radio can be controlled on the sim only, but does change the frequencies on the radio panel hardware, but not the other way around. Works fine on GA aircraft, but does not on the default B787, A320, nor the FBW A320. Really frustrating.

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Yea , seems out of our hands for now. I just sent a zendesk ticket , hope others will do the same and that it’s a simple fix!

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I made som tests with aircrafts

Start on runway :

  • C152 : ok
  • CJ4 : ok
  • Citation Longitude : ok
  • B787 : ok
  • A320 (fbw) : ok

Start cold and dark

  • C152 : ok after avionic start
  • CJ4 : ok after avionic start
  • citation longitude : not ok
  • A320 (fbw) : not ok

I made 1 more test :

Add keybord shortuc to “Activate avionic interrupt 1 & Activate avionic interrupt 2” (ctrl+alt+a)

And it works.

In french it’s in :
Instruments et Systèmes => Instruments de vol => Activer interrupt géné avionnique 1 (& 2)
In english it maybe somethink like that
System Instruments => Flying Instruments => Activate avionic interrupt 1 (& 2)


Did you try the 787 cold and dark? I didn’t have any radio displays when cold and dark.

Could you elaborate? Are you saying doing something with this command is a workaround for starting cold & dark with radio panel hardware? Thanks!

Screen VHF don’t update automatiquely (as A320FBW) but if you leave screen VHF and reconnect you see the changes, either in ATC screen (or IVAO client)

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I just did this w the a320 and it works a treat! Great find for a workaround!

Where to find Activate avionic interrupt 1 & Activate avionic interrupt 2 in the keybord section?

DecMoonFR was translating from the french menus, I’ll have to look tonight at exactly what the setting is in english.

Ok so I assigned a shortcut to (same shortcut for both actions below)
Avionics master 1 on
Avionics master 2 on

Then after starting up the battery and getting on external power on the a320 I just hit that shortcut and the radio LCDs on my propwash hardware come to life and good to go.


OK , now I can swith on the Logitek Radio panel.
But I still cannot set new frequencies with the Logitek Radio Panel, it only displays the frequencies I have adjusted in the A320 radio panel.
If I select the Cessna 172 I can set with the logitek Radio Panel new frequencies in the Cessna radio panel.
What do I wrong?

Screen VHF don’t update automatiquely (as A320FBW) but if you leave screen VHF and reconnect you see the changes, either in ATC screen (or IVAO client)

As I said, there is some bug with screen refresh, it’s just cosmetic, if you open ATC windows you can show that youre change is active.
Or in A320, select VHF2, than reselect VHF1 and you can constate the change.

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OK Thanks now I understand how it works THX!!!
Special online flying this is helpfull.

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