A320 bugs on xbox series x


I‘m using the xbox version and noticed that in the fms the distanxe to the destination or waypoints isnt decreasing when getting closer to the destination or to the waypoint. Only the nm total is showing from the beginning. Ist this improved in the upcoming update?

Also there is no descent monitoring path is not animated and missing in the nav display.

Does anyone have a solution or news about that?

Thanks and have a nice weekend

The first is a bug since day one (ca 1 year old) so I wouldn’t hold my breath for Asobo to fix it soon.

The second part I don’t understand. What descent monitoring path? Maybe you can post a picture of what you mean.

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Thanks for sour answer, lets hope that they send us an update soon. This is a must have in an aurliner cockpit I think.

I think you this purple bar that appears in boeing planes when descending or climbing. You can expect your altitude on a specific point on the map. This is displayed by a sign in the Airbus family as well but not with a bar its a little arrow. This is missing in the A320 neo. At least when descending…

I also noticed that the Airbus is climbing very slow. I put it Cost Index 100 but from FL180 its really slow (about +400 ft/min) I think this happens also on the pc version? Is there a fix?

Does anyone know which updates are planned for the xbox version and when?

As for the second question. I think you mean the TOC and TOD indication which show on the Nav display. These are also unfortunately not implemented. Only the FBWA32NX which is currently not available on XBox has it.

As for the climb. It depends on loading, ISA temp etc. Also try a CI of eg 15. The climb is not that badly modeled. If you share your exact settings people can try to replicate or help you find the problem.

As for XBox Updates I have no information.