A320 Default Asobo AP issues after takeoff

Hello everyone,

i am using the default A320 on XSX and have flown now more than 100hours on IFR flights on this aircraft in msfs2020.
Im not sure if i am doing something wrong, but it feels like there is a bug on the AP at the A320.

So basically every time after takeoff, when enabling the AP1 into NAV mode to follow the flight path, the aircraft does bank to one side for some seconds and then just comes back to the opposite direction to follow the flight path.
It seems like it needs some time to compute the actual angle to fly in order to follow the flight path. Is that a wanted behaviour?

Even when i try to manually follow the flight path after takeoff and the FD looks pretty much stabilized and centered, as soon as it hit the AP1 or AP2, the aircraft banks to one side (mostly left) and then comes back.

Let me know if i can improve on this somehow or this really just is a bug…


Any pilot assists turned on?

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today i tried and noticed it aswell, banked to the other side of flight director indicator and then back
no assists turned on apart from the taxi indicator aid

I’ve noticed this in older versions of msfs…95 in particular was brutal for it.

Hi guys, somebody have and know how fix the problem of speed in cruise with A320N, normaly in the half of cruise i have reduction in the speed, this is not normal, right?
Only for notice, the 747-8 too have this problem.

Thanks for checking on that, good to hear I am not the only one. I have no assistants on. Would be so happy to have some professional airliner on Xbox