A320 engine accelerating and decelerating during take off

hi guys, i just installed the new A320 V0.3.0 from GitHub, but during take off once i hit TOGA and see the purple indication “T.O. Inhibit” the engines starts to decelerate and accelerate i.e. N1 jumps from 92 to 99 & back an forth. Anyone experiencing this issue?

I use TOGA only for a couple of seconds and switch to CL briefly after T/O. Never had that message:

No, but as it’s an issue with a community mod you might file an issue on Github in case the issue is reproducable.

Same Problem Here, but without the Message i dont use the mod.


T.O. inhibit refers to inhibited caution messages during the takeoff.

This has nothing to do with the engines and/or performance.

Never experienced this problem with the vanilla A320. Not using any mods.

It is a bug when taking off at high altitude airports or when the OAT is high.

Ah, i Had this at takeoff from Cairo, was around 35 degres celcius.

Yeah, I’ve found anything above 31-33 will trigger it. Alt over 6k approx.

well that would makes sense, as i was taking off from SEQM (7910 feets)…