A320 fbw disappeared

after loading msfs again on a fresh disk ,I noticed that a320 doesnot appear during startup.
so i tried to delete in profile a320 Asobo and also installed it again but nothing helps.
it is in the mod file and tried also uninstall and install again via installation manager.
could someone help me out?

1 where is your community folder?

2 launch installer and click settings
point to community folder

3 install fbw dev

yes that is what I already did

Are you using a PC, if so MS Store or Steam?
If so, did you try deleting the Asobo-aircraft-a320-neo folder, then restarting the sim?

it is a pc and ms store.
I deleted Asobo a320 and 01 in profile. started again but still no airplane a320 fbw.

So is this the default A320, or the FBW A320?
I’m a bit confused as your title says one thing but your post says the other.

Go to profile → content manager

In search bar type

Take a screenshot and paste into topic

in the meantime I went to the content manager and I noticed that I saw two fbw a320 so I assume that was the culprit. how this has happened is out of my memory at this moment.
anyway now the plane is visible after I uninstalled one of them.
last question is besides uninstallment how can I remove it.
thks so far to trigger me to the solution finally.

Do not, do not, do not install fbw via content manager!

FBW from community or …

i have the fbw installed via the instal manager but my question is how can I remove the red one in your example

You cannot if not installed.