A320 FBW FMC distance freezes at around 215 nm from destination

The A320 FMC flight plan page does not measure the destination mileage accurately and remains at around 215 nm until landing

Which version?
Seems to work for me…

Was there a discontinuity in the flightplan?

Hi @HatemTag2004,

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I have V 0.74

No . Flight plan has no discontinuity. I tried on different flight plans but it has the same problem.

The FMC indicated flight distance remains constant around 215 nm until I arrive destination

But the aircraft follows the route until normal arrival

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OK, so you are using the latest stable version.
This issue is something I cannot find any previous mention of.
I would recommend you try this with no other addons in the community folder, and if the issue persists, you should bring this to FBW’s attention here:

Hey there. I am having the same issue. Most updated stable version as well. It’s happened 2/5 flights I have done.

Once at 40NM and once at 303nm. Hit or miss for me…

Try out development version and let us know if the issue persists.

I finally solved the problwm after clearing the community folder

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