A320 FBW Mod STAR Question

Hello everyone!

I was wondering why I am having an issue where I am unable to select a STAR on my MCDU unless I select an instrument approach.

Any help would be appreciated!

But isn’t entering the STAR to the MCDU is considered an instrument approach? Since you’re using the instruments to fly through the STAR for you?

On visual approach, I would’ve thought you’re using printed out charts and visually looking out the windshield for landmarks and hand-flying it manually through the STAR.

I am referring to either a RNAV or ILS Approach. That is what is required in order for me to be able to select a STAR into an airport.

For example, on the CJ4 (working title mod), I am able to select a Runway itself when configuring my STAR and other FMC functions such as approach speeds etc.

Okay, what’s your issue with selecting RNAV or ILS approach to assign the STAR?

Because it should not be required and from my research this is not how it functions in the actual aircraft.

Then you need to raise this issue in their github page. And provide the appropriate documentation that you found for them to review. That should go through to the devs so they can fix it.