A320 Flight Planning

Forgive me if this has already been asked somewhere, or if it is a pretty obvious answer. With the A320 that comes standard with the Standard Edition, is it possible to build a IFR flight plan from scratch from within the jet? If so, what do you choose on the World Map screen?

It is possible but not with the Airbus Systems only. You need to use a planing Part like LittleNavMap or Simbrief with or without Navigraph Abo.
That’s how I do it quit a while, but with the FBW Airbus as well as with the TBM.
You just need to add the Departure Airport and a Parking Position in the Worldmap for a cold and dark start in the sim.
When you brought the Airbus to life, you have to add the Flightplan manually in the MCDU and can start from scratch on. But don’t know if you can use ATC in that scenario. I do not use it at all, because it’s the most stupid part in the sim. :rofl:

Thank you for the reply. I was thinking you could do that, but I wasn’t sure. I use simbrief and navigraph. I wasn’t sure what to choose on the World Map. Just one quick clarification question about the world map. Do you choose GPS?

No. Only departure airport and a parking position.
No arrival, no VFR/IFR/gps Routing, only the start position.

You may choose departure, arrival, and route on the World Map. It will allow ATC to work as intended.

If you already use Simbrief, I’d highly recommend to use the FBW (as well as for a thousand other reasons). You can import the SB flight plan directly from the MCDU. It can also sync back to MSFS, so that MSFS ATC will work (not implying that you’d want to… :wink:)

Never mind, didn’t notice this is in the xbox forum…

If you also select an arrival rwy you usually get directed to it, even if only using basic atc. Otherwise you never know which rwy until you contact tower - and you frequently need a completely different approach!

This might not be an issue if you could always contact Tower when 50 miles out, especially in a fast jet. But sometimes you are almost on top of the airport before it appears in the nearby airfields list!