A320 FlyPad

Hi All,

Using the FlyByWire A320 and am trying to set my throttle detents on the flypad but for some reason I cant get out of the Audio Settings section of the settings page. All of the Plane Settings are greyed out.

Its gotta be something really simple I’m doing wrong.

I figured it out. Throttle detents only available on the experimental version and not the market place version.

Don’t use the experimental version for now, it’s currently outdated and will be used to implement and test the LNAV/VNAV function. Use the development version instead. The custom flybywire with the throttle calibration as well as the custom autopilot is already on the Development version.

OK thanks for the tip.

I’m having a similar issue. I’m using the latest development version 0.6.3 and all of the flypad settings are greyed out. Even with the stable version, I don’t have the ability to make any changes. Can someone help me out?

There was a bug. Supposedly it is already fixed.

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