A320 FMC approach set-up and NAV follow (even more) broken?

Anyone else seen this, have a fix? After SU5 and hotfix, when I go to add the approach given by ATC, as soon as I click on the destination airport in the FMC, the co-pilot starts talking to ATC and asks for a destination change to the airport we’re already flying to! ATC then issue new instructions and cancel the approach I’ve just been given, telling me to climb and later giving and different approach. Happens every time.

I’ve also noticed that there seems to be some new bug with inserting the approach and even if I ignore ATC and try to just fly it, the plane starts flying to completely the wrong waypoint (but not the same previous waypoint as before). I’ve also had the plane randomly turn off course without any intervention by me or the autopilot disconnecting. It’s all so tiring…how can this pretty essential basic flight functionality still be ■■■■■?

That’s always been like that. Because when you add an approach into the MCDU, it treats it as a new flight plan. And when you do, the ATC will show a menu that you need to get another clearance for a flight plan change.

The AI Copilot Radio assist doesn’t ask for this before because it wasn’t capable to. But trust me, the menu to ask for clearance for the flight plan change has always been there.

With the new update, they just added the AI Copilot Radio to have the capability to ask for this new cleareance. So as soon as you apply the approach, a new flight plan is generated and the ATC menu will have this option enabled, so the AI copilot just took it and ask for the clearance.

I appreciate the response, but that isn’t what happens. The co-pilot doesn’t ask for the specific approach, he asks for a change of destination to…where we’re already going, after ATC have already cleared us on an approach. ATC then ‘approve this’ and change my instructions, telling me to climb off in a new direction rather than flying the approach they gave me 30 seconds ago. All I’m doing is adding the assigned approach to the flight plan, which was bugged before but didn’t cause ATC to send me on a 100 mile detour.

In any case, why would the co-pilot need to ask for clearance to fly an approach ATC have just cleared us on?

Yeapp… that’s how it behaves even before the update. It happens to me so many times I got used to it. Even before SU5, when you add an approach into the MCDU, your ATC will show another option to ask for change of flight plan due to the changes you made. I understand you never came across this before because you probably never had the need to press this before since you’re already on approach and the AI Copilot doesn’t have the capability to choose this option anyway. But that option have always been there whenever you make “any” changes to the flight plan, adding SIDs and STARs included.

But if you do press this newly available option that appears due to you adding the approach, you will actually ask for a new flight plan into the same destination, and the ATC at the other end will give you a new clearance as if it’s a new flight plan. That’s just how it’s always been no matter at which stage you put the approach in and press that option. You assign approach at the departure gate, it will show the new clearance to choose in the ATC menu. You assign approach just before final, it will show the same new clearance option in the ATC menu. It’s the same thing.

The only difference now is that with the AI Copilot being added that capability to choose that option when it’s available, that it will always take the option whenever it’s available.

The problem to solve here is that they need to split SIDs and STARs and Approaches to be a part of the flight plan itself. So as long as there’s no changes to the destination, a flight plan change should not trigger at all in the first place. I think the ATC Radio assist is actually an improvement. But this improvement becomes problematic because now we’re starting to notice that there’s always been a issue in the way MSFS handles its flight planning process.

The stupid thing on that is, that it even doesn’t actually file the new flightplan (for example with a runway change / a new approach). I hoped this could be a way to give ATC the rwy you actually want to land. (as wind requires). But no chance. ATC still does what it wants.
When you do it during crz, ATC also gives you a new crz lvl. Which is 12000 ft every time - and you have to request increases.
It is so messed up.

I just want gate destination to be back into the flight plan… I’m tired of setting a proper flight plan with nice STAR and nice Approach and expected to arrive into the proper terminal for the airline livery I’m flying based on my domestic/international flight. Only for the ATC to give me a GA parking spot in an obscure corner of the airport away from civilisation.

Had a new one recently. My Co tried to file a new flightplan with ATC during clb, and I even havn’t touched the MCDU.

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