A320 icing up

Has anyone else had the A320 accumulate icing all over any time you fly through a cloud? Every time I fly through a cloud the A320 is covered in what looks like snow and ice from a winter storm, even when the temp isnt at freezing.

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It also doesn’t matter whether wing and enging anti-ice or window de-ice are turned on or off. The entire plane is spotted with snow/ice.


Wing anti ice deices the leading edge of the wings. I think I saw that one working. Engine a/i only keeps the cowling free of ice and i haven’t checked if it is modeled visually. As for the build up on the fuselage, it seems a little exaggerated to me…window heat works as it should
Also the temp doesn’t need to be below zero. Icing can occur when flying through visible moisture and below 10deg c


At least on the real A320 only the three outboard slat segments are heated.

The point being here that a real A320 doesn’t fly through a cloud or at cruise and end up covered in ice. But the A320NEO in FS2020 does. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this.

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Yeah, sure did. Still I enjoy having an at least remotely realistic icing Simulation implemented.