A320 - ILS and Unlandable Runways

Anyone have a fix for every runway being unlandable? At touchdown there is always a break in the runway and destroys my landing gear. Definitely a bug.

Also the ils glide slope never holds and the aircraft pulls off course.

I am using an Xbox controller and have decreased dead zone and also decreased sensitivity.

Can you be specific as to which airports you’ve noticed this?

Landed KCLT the other day, kept on localizer and glide slope without issue, landed and taxi’d off without issue.

Chicago Ohare. Atlanta hartsfield. Oh an STL

Yeah there are a couple of em in Florida too. Had one that snapped off my wheels and another that sent me hurtling back airborne…Game over for the 1st one 2nd one I throttled up and was able to survive but landed at another airport.

The A320 in this game is a joke, as all others airliners. Full of bugs, not functional, FMS is a joke, I only can say that all the airliners are a joke. Unfortunately, we will have to expend 100 dollars in a functional and flyable airliner.

Not really:


Are you flying an ILS landing or attempting to “autoland”?

Who me, Im landing manually. And no its not case of comming in hot etc, the problem is that there are seams in the runways. Must of been non-union contractors that built the runways in this game.

I think after the Japan update there’s some issues with the elevation changes in the terrain. Which makes a lot of airports surfaces to be uneven. You’ll notice this if they have bumps on the taxiways that the aircraft bounces from time to time.

Heck, I remember there’s this taxiway in LFPG that the bump was so big, that I couldn’t taxi over them. I hit the reverse to have some distance between me and the bump, then hit TOGA with the hope of being fast enough to jump over it, long story short… I broke the landing gear. Hahah.

So some of these bumps might be on the runway as well. And it’s easy to see to be honest when you enter the runway. Have a look at how the runway lights are lined up, if you see there’s a curve somewhere, that’s the indication that the runway is uneven and you have to be careful when you’re taking off and landing there.

I’m not sure if this is a photogrammetry issue, but nothing we can do but report to Zendesk to have a look at the terrain modelling on airports. They should be flat (with the exceptions of sloping airfields)