A320 MCDU Premium Deluxe edition Not in Database MCDU errors

I tried other airports, such as KSAN/KLAS. it works fine. MSFS really screws us up

I didn’t try these other airports, but KSFO missing flight plan issue also occurs in the Longitude and C4J.

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I have the same problem A320 and A320mod, no flight plan from KLAX to KSFO. With every update there are new bugs, it’s getting really annoying and my patience is soon limited. :frowning:

Same problem here. KSFO was in my flight plan today, one of my favorite airports. Ironically my using MSFS 2020 is now dominated by me searching for workarounds for a software program I paid a handsome sum. Very frustrating. Let’s get the Pros From Dover in here to straighten this mess and send the junior varsity back to the bench. Please!

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I am relegated to flying to just to the handcrafted airports and whichever sceneries I have purchased as the default airports are so terrible. I don’t expect them to be payware quality, but I never know what I will get when I load into a new airport as far as trees in the middle of the apron go, cars on taxiways, jetways in the middle of a taxiway or not attached to anything at all. What sucks is that I usually just fly on the West Coast so this really impacts me. Couple that with the fact that there will be no hotfix and we will have to wait weeks for a patch, just really sours my view on this sim even more.

I have never loved and hated a sim as much as this one. It looks absolutely stunning, I just don’t like to invest time in flight planning and flying a plane across the country for the sim to decide it just doesn’t want to work that second and screw up what is supposed to be a relaxing experience for me. Every flight, I’m on edge and hyper vigilant that a bug could pop up at any time. For example, I spent 7 minutes aligning IRs and preparing a flight from Norway to Finland, just for me to hit Shift P to pushback and the sim crashed! I mean come on! That was like 15 minutes prep time wasted, just thrown away…

Come on Asobo, step up and fix this without making your customers wait for weeks. This is something that needs to be resolved asap, even if it just means rolling back to the previous WORKING navdata.

Bonjour, même problème sur le MCDU A320néo après avoir installé la mise à jour et A32NX. Impossible de mettre le FROM/TO toutes d’destination.

EKCH also affected.

What I tried and did not work:

KSEA and EIDW did work though

a very serious bug introduced in the new patch

Interestingly enough, I could input some airports in the list above directly into the MCDU, some worked at the second attempt. The only one that keeps not working for me is KSFO. Please fix this!

Based on feedback from other threads this has been resolved in 1.10.7.

It’s not solved for me.
I tried all airports listed in the first post, the following are still not working:
An additional one that doesn’t work for me is EDDS.

Any tips or workarounds?



I’m having the same problem with LFPG

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Is this using the standard version or the flybywire mod? I have the flybywire version but have not flown it for a while, so when I loaded it up last I was surprised to find programming the mcdu was not quite the same as I was used to (i did have an older version, but now have the latest one) I did eventually manage to put in waypoints but it kept coming up with NOTIN and would not allow me to choose my departure or arrival, i found i had to click on NOTIN and erase it, that allowed me to put in waypoints and set my departure and arrival, but even then the ATC keeps telling me to continue to NOTIN as planned ignoring that it follows the flight plan no problem.

So another 2 airports that are not in database are EGHI and EGKK, has anyone else noticed it is not as easy to put waypoints in as well? am I doing something wrong, do I have to wait for the GPS alignment? the previous version I could just put the waypoints and choose my departure and arrival as soon as I have power.

You are talking about the fbw mod, right? Did you clear the GPS Message from the MCDU input line before trying to set from/to airports?

Correct, I am talking about the FBW mod.
I am not sure what you mean about clearing the GPS message. i do know about the clear button but not sure what message i should be clearing.
I found the only way I can get it to let me input waypoints departures and arrivals is to click on the departure airport and the temporary insert, that then adds a waypoint which I don’t think is an actual waypoint called NOTIN, if i click on that and temporary delete it it then brings up a screen which i forgot what it says #, i think its something like LAT return and then i can add waypoints and dep/arr and I can also delete the NOTIN waypoint.
I don’t know if this is the correct procedure but it seems to work for me, have just done a flight from EGHI to EGJJ and it was perfect, followed the plan flawlessly and it didn’t start going round in circles when I was approaching the airport which is something that has happened a few times for me (did it last night flying from EGCC to EGHI went in circles twice before i just disengaged the managed heading mode and just manually flew it following the course until I intercepted the localiser.
I think that’s another issue altogether though, must be something I am doing wrong setting up the flight plan.

FBW mode. Catch this line “NOT IN DATBASE” with the UUDD icao.

I’m having the same issues for several airports and using the FBW as well. Not sure if I understood correctly that there is a workaround, could someone try to elaborate that?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Try this to see.
It is theirs too but I see it much more stable and better …