A320 NEO and 747 also citation

Hi all.
I have no mods no add ons just the basic flight sim package. It was working very well until the latest update. Flying the A320 Neo or 747 is very weird now.
The speed won’t increase above 120 knots with any flap selected. And when selecting flap 1 it just climbs like a rocket (2000-4000fpm). Then flap 2 or 3 will give a climb of 7000-10000 fpm which is insane. I can’t believe no one else is reporting this as an issue? Surely it’s not just me!

Max rudder also won’t maintain centreline and it just goes off the runway now also flys the same with the citation. Will check the smaller aircraft…

Unfortunately, this has been an issue for a while now. I first noticed it a while back during one of the early updates and for some reason it still had yet to be fixed. Since I mainly fly the A320, it feels very underpowered. Taxiing requires a lot of thrust which is unrealistic and climbing to cruise takes forever. When retracting flaps, the aircraft loses lift and starts losing altitude. It’s dropped 1,000 feet for me before. Then, extending the flaps causes the speed to rapidly drop very low and causes the aircraft to gain 1,000 feet quickly like a rocket. I believe somewhere the flight model is messed up or at least the physics.

However, now since I use the FBW mod, since the update yesterday, I’ve noticed when extending the flaps, the A320 loses a lot of speed and it suddenly becomes very hard to lose altitude. I basically have to nosedive to make the runway because it simply just floats and doesn’t descend. My last two flights with the mod almost caused me to go missed approach because I was too high, something I never struggled with before. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly.

I know the mod gets fixed a lot, but as for the default A320, it might take a few more updates to get fixed…