A320 Neo engine choices?

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I thought fs2020 shipped with two different choices for us to pick from for the a320n. Is this bot correct? I cant find any options to change engine type

What? Where does that imply in the marketing advertisements that they’ll allow us to choose engine types?

Are you referring to the loading tips that says the A320Neo can choose between the two engines? If so that’s just a information for us. That the A320Neo was designed so that airline operators can choose different engine options that they want to attach so they have better flexibility on their initial cost investment vs operational costs. But that’s just that… Information and bit of context for us.

They don’t exactly provide us the engine choice in the sim. I don’t see why they need to.

No it has just the one, I believe it is the Leap version, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

It is the CFM LEAP version, but this one does not respect the details of the real engine either. Many are missing. This is displayed in MDCU

What’s missing in the default aircraft engine when compared to the A32NX mod?

If you know A320Ceo or NEO well, you will notice that both LEAP engines lack details of the exhaust intake engine details including in the cockpit. Look at a real cockpit and a CFM LEAP engine on the A320Neo. Honestly it should be the equivalent of a320 aerosoft texture details etc. Plus it is not normal to come with a single engine version. Pratt & Whitney PW1000G should also have been an option that you can switch. Many operators like: Wizz, Lufthansa or swiss use PW as engine .From the start, the realism decreases.