A320 Neo inibuilds efb navigraph chart

Will it be possible in the future to have in the new 320 neo v2 an integration of navigraph for efb? It would be great and more complete!

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I’m pretty sure that will be integrated from the very beginning. I know it has simbrief integration, bit can’t remember if it had the charts back on SU14 Beta.
Anyway, i saw the tablet is pretty similar to the one in the A300 so it should have navigraph too


It didn’t have navigraph back in SU14 beta and im sure it wont, as navigraph uses jeppesen and msfs2020 uses navblue there could be a conflict between these two and since it is a base aircraft most likely they wont add navigraph charts in the tablet

You are making a confusion between updating the AIRAC database and charts integration pal. Navigraph is already present in many MSFS aircraft now, add-on and default. 100% sure the A320 will have the charts as I’ve seen it on their forum back in November. Plus, the tablet is similar to the A300 which has Navigraph and I can’t see any reason not to integrate it in A320 too.

The navblue and jeppsen doesn’t conflict in any way. If you use a flightplan made in the MSFS in parallel with a SimBrief one the only thing you can get is some discrepancies but that’s it.

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To add on to this, whilst I believe it is unlikely to be included, Navigraph external moving maps can work on Xbox given that the developers of the plane include the appropriate plugin!

Having them on small aircraft like the SF50 is great and all, but having them on a study level airliner would truly be something else.

go fly the FBW A32x they have navigraph charts in their EFB.

Navigraph Charts are not present on any default aircraft, due to licensing restrictions. MSFS does not have a license with Navigraph for chart data, nor more importantly, with the source chart provider Jeppesen.

Navigraph themselves does provides some plugins for those aircraft, though, as add-ons available for download from them directly.


You’ve made it clearer and thanks for that as well. by Navigraph integration I meant flight plan import on both PC and Xbox for the default 787, 747 and the CJ4. That was my mistake🙏🏻

That’s Simbrief you’re referring too😁

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For the default ones yes, sorry :joy:

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and now there is probably not enough money left to get Majestics or others in the boat and develop a high level aircraft. for many people the ATR is sufficient.
(just an example)