A320 Neo no longer disengage Spoilers using Joystick throttle to disengage

A320 Neo spoilers no longer disengage while landing when doing landing challenge (all challenges).

It used to be when I landed, the spoilers would auto engage and to disengage them I added some throttle on my HOTAS-X and they would disengage yet since the last update this no longer happens, I can only manually use NUM / to disengage them.

Is this a bug or perhaps I accidently used a keyboard command and disabled such feature?

It only started happening since the latest UPDATE 2 though so I think it must be a bug.

If the ground spoiler extended because they have been armed during the approach, they will not retract on their own.

You have to retract them by pushing the speed brake lever down to the disarmed position.

In previous versions they incorrectly auto-retracted after landing.