A320 NEO NX not loading after world update 3

The A320 neo NX is not automatically loading when selected. The default model is loaded instead,
Checked the Community Folder and reinstalled FBW 5.2 update
anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @JohnfromOZ,

The Default Aircraft category is for discussing (non-modded) default Microsoft aircraft only. Discussions pertaining to third-party aircraft should be in this category #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft.

However, in this instance you might be better off asking for assistance on the FBW Discord.

Reply to this message to let me know if you would like this topic moved, or if you are going to ask on the FBW Discord.

Thanks for your reply, yes please move the post.

Please remove the mod from the communitiy folder and install it again. I would recommend the developer version. This should work. Due to the Asobo fixes, we have some minor flight model issues regarding the takeoff and touch down. But this should be fixed soon.


Many thanks for your reply, I did that and resolved the issue keep up the good work.