A320 neo v2. Disconnecting autopilot warning won't reset using MASTER CAUTION button

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A320 neo v2

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When disconnecting AP, MASTER WARNING alarm won’t reset pressing the master warning button. It clears only by pressing CLR in the buttons above throttle. The ones left and right of STS status button.

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Press the Red disconnect button on the sidestick, to silence the AP Disconnect Warning.

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Apart from that button IS the AP disconnect button , it does not silence the alarm. This is not how an A320 neo works.

This one is similar to the a310 from Inibuilds you have to use Autopilot disconnect button twice which is Shift+Z in my case

I think the real fix to this issue would be if the “autopilot toggle” hotkey would have the role of the red sidestick button, like in the v1 neo. Currently you can only engage the AP with the hotkey but not disengage it.

Actually it’s not a bug, it’s too well simulated!

In the real 320, you engage the autopilot by one of the buttons on the panel (“Autopilot master” in the bindings), and you can only disconnect it with the red button on the stick (“Autopilot disconnect” in the bindings) - press once to disconnect, twice to silence the alarm. Of course you can’t do that with the panel button, you’d just turn it off and on again…

All other 320s that I know combine both actions on the “Autopilot master” binding, without needing to press twice at disconnect. It makes our life simpler (at least for those of us who don’t have a home cockpit or a full size FCU :joy:), but it’s less realistic.

Behaviour is the same as the A310 in sim so I got into the habit of using AP ON and AP OFF assigned to two buttons.

I have a Velocity One Flight Stick so I use Trigger and Trim Wheel push for AP ON and Trim Wheel Button for AP OFF.

Then I’m able to push the trim wheel once to disconnect AP and a second push to silence the alarm.

I use this on all aircraft so muscle memory helps.