A320 Neo v2 main wheels partly sunken into the ground ("flat tires") + fix

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yes, used to make the fix :wink:

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A320 Neo v2

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by default the aircraft main wheels are a bit sunken into the ground due to contact points which are set too high. Also the nose wheel sits a slightly bit too high logically so itโ€™s also slightly โ€œflatโ€.

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Watch the aircraft resting on ground with default load.

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To fix the issues the following wheel contact points can be used (also by iniBuilds! Feel free to copycat :slight_smile: )

point.0 = 1,31.419989,-0,-12.88,1000,0,1.72,75,1,1.8,0.5,22,22,0,0,0,2
point.1 = 1,-10.132493,-13.981482,-13.47,1500,1,1.6,0,1.2,1.3,0.4,22,22,2,0,0,2
point.2 = 1,-10.132493,13.981482,-13.47,1500,2,1.6,0,1.2,1.3,0.4,22,22,3,0,0,2

This will lead to the wheels to be spot on in most situations:

The weight of the airplane will cause the tires to collapse a little, so I think itโ€™s best if they are slightly buried in the ground.

Actually with more weight the tires sink into ground a bit - in case of the ini even without any fuel the aircraft tires look flattened :wink:

For comparison a picture of how usually the tires shall look with some weight applied:

That fits the tires in background pretty well while the ones in foreground are still in contact with the ground (MSFS airports are usually not completely flat and the surface collision is not that exact, so there is no perfectly working way on adjusting that for all conditions but hangar view)