A320 not capturing glideslope

I know this is a topic thats been discussed over and over however I have found that after the latest update and fix that the a320 is no longer capturing the glideslope. Has anyone encountered this problem after the recent “updates/fixes”?

Default or A32NX? And in which airport that the glideslope doesn’t work?

■■■■, I hope this is not an issue again. I’m going to run a flight now and get back to you.

asobo a320, Kord, Bradley, Miami.

Tried an ILS landing at KMLT runway 32, 109.50/321. The Airbus failed to capture the glidescope!

More data please. What range were you from the airport? What waypoint did you try to intercept at and what altitude? DId you manually tune the ILS or autotune?

Just tested ILS 11 LOWW, no problem.

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I auto tuned ILS, tried to intercept at indicated 9000 ft. all the way down to 2000 feet from 2 miles from and at the outer marker. Turned off and on the approach button several times without help. I have the chicago KORD mod in my community folder. ILS 28R has worked until the last update.

Maybe it’s the KORD mod causing the issue. See if you can remove this from the community folder and try again.

Even on autotune, you might still need to check and confirm the frequency is correct.

I also tried the an ILS approach at KSMF with the Airbus. It did not capture. Tried it with the 208. It captured but it was off center.

Which runway? Have you tried the approach after a full flight and a cold & dark start?

I noticed that when you are using the slew mode, the complete A320 AP and AT systems becomes confused, totally unreliable and unusable.

So I did a quick test in the A320N at KORD, 28R ILS. No problems at all. Aircraft captured loc and glideslope perfectly and flew straight in smoothly. I even did an autoland with a wicked crosswind. The problem is not with the KORD paid scenery (which I have) or the A320N (FBW mod), @Mooney251

Also, ILS was autotuned.

The difference between us, I think, is that I started from KORD and did a takeoff, did a 180, and did the full approach down to ILS capture. The FBW A320 handled it beautifully.

I’m not aware that any MSFS default aircraft can perform an autoland.

Confirm it did actually flare and thrust automatically reduced to idle?

Not the default, he mentioned A32N (FBW Mod). The FBW mod can perform an autoland.

This thread is about the default A320, so the behavior of the modded A320 is irrelevant.

That’s why I didn’t say anything about the aircraft itself. Haven’t flown unmodded A320 since September last year. I can’t say anything other than eliminating the airport mod itself to see if that causes the problem.

@Mooney251, have you checked your flight model settings and assists? Make sure the flight model is set to modern, and assists are all should be Off/ Hard/True to Life. This is to make sure the assists aren’t conflicting with the ILS approach.

Yes, it does auto flare and thrust automatically reduced to idle. And rollout mode to keep the aircraft on the runway centerlne. See here. But this is going off topic.

Flt model is modern and no assists. Could be the kord mod but I was having no problems before the last update and fix. I will take the mod out of the community fldr and give it a shot.