A320 not following Flight Plan for ILS approaches!

Hi Guys,

On my two previous flights I have been having issues with the A320 on ILS approaches.

For example, when I enter the STAR it will follow the Flight plan until reaching the first waypoint/fix to enter into the ILS approach, when I reach this point the plane turns a heading direct to the airport or final waypoint instead of following the approach.

This has only just become an issue and I have flown many approaches (even the same ones with no issue before)

For reference I was flying into EGLL and LHBP.

Was wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing or can help?

I’ve been having trouble too recently. I wonder if it’s a bug in the 32N mod? One thing I noticed however is that if I build my flightplan in the MCDU instead of in the sim or importing one, the jet follows waypoints much better.

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I have the Mod installed so that could be it!

Thanks for the tip, I will try building flight plan manually in MCDU and see if that helps.


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This is not A32NX mod trouble, this is main game problem. Happened all time after last update. NAV are not updated, some bugs on the planes, cam issue, a lot things goes wrong after last update.
I was lucky to landing save on A320 yesterday and I was surprised. Only ones. Rest of two my landing was horrific. When I started flight every day never know what happened next…


Ah ok that’s interesting, mod has been brilliant so pleased to hear you say it’s not related to that.

So many issues after each update it’s crazy.

I am doing a flight soon and I will build flight plan into MCDU like @SageGoldfish543 suggested and see if I have more luck.

Hopefully they get it fixed soon. Constantly Hoping the AP doesn’t try and ruin your approach is very annoying.

The only thing I’ve seen that is working now, that wasn’t before, is the rocking with AP enabled. They did fix that. Other functionality is either the same, or now performing worse, vs. the launch version.

ILS approaches are a real mixed bag IME. Sometimes they do fine, but lately, I’ve noticed that even though I request clearance for my IFR flight plan, once airborne, I have to again request clearance. Ok… then when I near my arrival airport and descent, I have to ask for lower cruising altitudes. Then ATC will assign different runway for arrival then what I selected in the flight plan, and in some cases start telling me to climb to ridiculous altitudes, even though I’ve checked actual weather (and flightaware) for actual runways/approaches in use.

The game is a literal dumpster fire unless you just want to VFR around in a small plane and try landing on skyscrapers—which is fun I admit, but it’s not what they sold me, and not why I bought in.

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My advise: take flight plan from the game, add approach but don’t remove any way-points, just use any path from the game and fallow when you flying. If you lucky you will have ILS landing, if not - you are not lucky…

Thanks I will do that as well.

It’s a shame it’s down to luck, I suppose the sim is in early stages still.

I will keep you updated with any findings over next couple of flights. If I find a workaround to make it follow approach every time I will let you know.

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ATC in game is terrible, they give you approach clearance way to late and this then causes issues when changing STAR and altitudes etc.

My workaround for that is tuning into ATIS to know what runway I will be getting clearance too (this only works when your within range before first STAR waypoint).

Another useful tool is SimBrief for flight planning that usually gives you an active runway via VATSIM (You can find this at the bottom of the generated flight plan page under your destination airport)

If you already do both of the above then it’s pot luck or don’t use ATC.

This would be a decent excuse but it was actually mostly working upon release, and it isn’t now. This seems to be the way the sim is going though, if you like flying something that doesn’t have steam guages, they will fix one thing that was broken at launch and break two things that weren’t.

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I completely agree, it’s so frustrating.

Updates seem to break more than they fix which baffles me.

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All these things are correct and I agree! But these are the things I want to use to sim so I try occasionally, hoping I find some workarounds. So far, not much luck.

I do use simbrief but not exactly as you describe. I generally check flightaware for the active runways but I’ll take a look at vatsim as well. I don’t think it will change things much unfortunately and I don’t want to get into vatsim for various reasons. Not yet anyway. Maybe when my wife isn’t working from home in the same room it will make some sense.

Hmmmm I’m not sure about it. For me better was on the first day.

Yeah I always try using ATC in the hope that it somehow works. It makes the sim so much more realistic it’s just 9/10 it ends ruining the flight. Fingers crossed though. If you find anything let me know!

VATSIM seems pretty good for METAR and runway data. I will have a look at flightaware as I haven’t actually tried that yet.

Little NavMap will show best runways for wind in the weather info section for the selected airport. Also shows the head vs crosswid for those runways as well. You can set it to use vatsim or other info too… I always go off of this as ATC it seems doesn’t care about having you land on a runway with a 15 knot tailwind.

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Awesome thanks! Will give that a go.

Might upvote my thread and post flightplanning issues there as well. Maybe we can get them to change or adjust the planning mechanics.

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Upvoted. So much stuff needs fixing to make flying airliners enjoyable.

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I don’t think they fixed the rocking one AP is enable. Last night while flying out of KSAN as soon as I engaged the AP my aircraft decided to make a shard left turn and did a nose dive. I had to disconnect the AP in order to gain control again.

But today some of magic happened too me. I just finished two A320 landings with ILS, no problem at all. Very strange. First ILS landings after some… week?
I didn’t try any different planes, just A320 after my work.