A320 not touch down after thrust at idle position

Before touch at 30ft, I cut off thrust to idle position. But, Aircraft is started to climb like Go-around procedure and not touching down the ground.

Could you any one help me to resolve this issue?

Any manual method to resolve this issue?

I experienced this myself!
You shouldn’t have to do this, but did you turn the autothrottle off, and then throttle down?

After the latest patch the behavior of the A320neo changed completely as you all mentioned. It’s like there is a huge balloon under the wings pushing up the aircraft while the nose is almost horizontal. I noticed that in all phases (take-off, climb, landing).

I hope they fix it soon.

This notice explains the issue, and how to correct it in most aircraft.

Is this really the same thing? I am experiencing the same A320 TOGA behaviour just before touchdown but the flaps position does not change so it shouldn’t matter that the flaps are generating the wrong lift, the plane is stabilised on approach. I just tried this out with 4 different landings in the ASOBO A320. In each case I fly a perfect ILS-guided approach using only autothrottle, full flaps and gear down. Every time when I come to 50-40 feet above the runway the plane pulls up and the engines go full power to TOGA. I believe this is how the A320 is supposed to work when you get to just before touch down but some flight characteristics are out of tolerance (e.g. airspeed, roll, etc)… problem is now since the update this happens EVERY single time, regardless of how good you fly. So I don’t see how this can be the flaps issue.

Yes, partly what is happening is a result of the bug.
The characteristics out of tolerance are a result of the bug.
It shouldn’t accelerate.
Are you using the default A320, or a version of the mod?
Are your throttle levers in the “climb” detent?

Why do you guys waste time on the vanilla A320? Download the FBW version and have a blast instead.

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I’ve got the latest dev. Version installed and it flies fine. My landings have been great the last few days. However, I previously had the custom version installed and I was having landing problems as mentioned above. Very slow landing speeds, terrible ballooning effect and hard to lose altitude after extending the flaps, and floating a lot on landings.

Maybe try installing the latest dev. Version like I have because it flies great!